Need opinions! Grape Vs 04 Lilac~ I can only get one!


Which purple?

  1. 04 Lilac ~ Yummy leather, pretty colour

  2. 07 Grape ~ Its like eggplant...

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  1. Ok, so the search for a rh grape city is harder than expected! So I was wondering which bag in the purple spectrum should I get?
    Lilac 04 or Grape?

    Pros for lilac, its older, nicer leather? cheaper, will be purchased from eBay?

    Pros for grape, new colour, similar to the coveted eggplant?

    I seriously need help, i cannot/ will not get both and i am in 2 minds over which purple to get!

    TIA ladies xx
  2. For me, the decision is easy - Violet hands down. It's a bright and more saturated color. To me, 04 lilac is a more muted color.

    So - if you like an "in your face" color, go with Violet. If not, 04 Lilac might work best for you :smile:
  3. I don't really care for the 04 lilac, so I'm biased. It just doesn't seem as versatile as the darker purple of grape/violet. I definately vote grape, the new 07 leather is that best ever!
  4. I'd go for violet! In some threads people have experienced yellowing on the lilac.
  5. I love the 04 lilac. The leather is gorgeous, matt, smooshy and because it is quite vintage looking, it just gets better with age. And I think it is the 06 lilac which is prone to yellowing, not the 04.
  6. 04 lilac, it's gorgeous! I really like violet too, but how I voted is based on practicality. Say, there's a gorgeous mint 04 lilac on eBay, I'll grab that over violet, since lilac is more difficult to come by. And I'm also guessing that perhaps 1-2 seasons later, people will be selling their violet to make room for the newer bal colors. So, I can still pick up violet then if I want to. Hope this helps! =)
  7. Looks like I just broke the tie.

    5 for Grape.

    4 for Lilac.

    Tick tock, tick tock. =P
  8. add a tick for me for grape....more flexible color in my opinion...but then again...i'd get both if i could! =)!:blush:
  9. I'd go for the grape- I have it and I LOVE it so much!

    its a great color which goes with everything, plus since its handles and color darker it wont look as bad if it gets dirty

    plus it will be new and what can beat new yummy leather...
  10. I'm also of 2 minds over your decision, Luva Pug! I love 04 Lilac, the color is sooo beautiful!! However, I also love Grape. I'm voting for the Grape though, as there really isn't anything like a new Bbag, waiting for you to break it in. Also, I'm a bit biased since my collection already houses an 06 lilac, and one lilac is quite enough for me! Good luck, this is a really nice dilemma to have!
  11. Thanks everyone! Kinda equalish at the minute!

    PEPPY: Thats the one that has got me confused! xx
  12. i vote violet, i love getting a new bag and the new leather smell. :p but it really boils down to what color you like best! do you want something light or something more vibrant?
    good luck, cant go wrong either way!
  13. My vote goes to Violet, it is such a beautiful and vibrant color
  14. I would definitely go with the Grape, there is no doubt that you will be able to find one from the many retailers/ BalNY that will get them in, if you miss it then you will be searching for two hard to come by bags in the future. IF an 04 Lilac shows up later, you may have the funds to buy it then and sell the Grape if it doesn't float your boat.

    Also, you get to break it in and have a brand new bag, there is something luscious about a new bag : )

    I wish you well,

  15. ^ very true!