Need opinions from whiskey Legacy owners - can these scratches be rubbed out?

  1. I am watching an eBay auction for a whiskey shoulder zip and it is heavily scratched. Do you think these are too deep to be rubbed out? If these can rubbed out I'd like to add a whiskey bag to my Legacy collection. Thanks!

  2. From my own experience, which may be different from others, I would say the one near the turn lock might be hard to rub out. I haven't had any luck rubbing scratches on the more solid parts of my bags - strap, by the locks, etc for some reason. Mine came with a couple of scratches that I've never been able to rub out. Though I'm adding my own to it anyway.
  3. not to dodge your question but i welcome my !

    the scratches add charm/character and most importantly tell a story about yourself .

    cha cha

  4. Mokoni:
    I would get the bag. Those scratches will rub out for the most part and
    probably become smoother when you rub them with the natural oils
    on your hands. Good LucK. Liz
  5. I have been able to rub out all of the scratches. I am starting to leave some go however, I don't really mind them.
  6. They will rub out. BUT you will continue to get more. Those too will rub out. over time as the bag softens up and gets more oils from use the scratches barely show and rub out even easier. My bag has already darkened near the zipper when it gets touched more and those scratches rub out with no pressure whatsoever.

    And I agree the scratches and weathered look adds to the bag. But if you will find them annoying I would stay away from whiskey and go for white.
  7. I agree w/ luvmycoach. The scratch near the turnlock may be difficult to rub out, but the others on the bag probably won't be a problem. And there is another thread about "licking" your finger before rubbing too. I have tried that when my hands are too dry and it does work. If the bag is a good price, I would branch out from your blacks and get the whiskey. YOU WILL LOVE IT!! (I wear mine with black but hang a black and white ponytail scarf off it!)
  8. I have the white satchel and have had no scratches at all. Except for a few smudges that I've rubbed off with a lick of my finger the white leather wears like iron.
  9. I got my whiskey bag "as is" from the outlet b/c it was "shop worn" (read: already darkened a bit with a lot of scratches). It looks awesome - the deep scratches do rub out (though I agree with luvmycoach about the ones on the more "solid" parts of the bag not rubbing out as easily), sometimes not completely, but they "lighten" considerably. I have also noticed that the more handling the bag gets, the more the scratches rub out. I also love the weathered look of this leather - I'm completely anal about scratches and things on my bags, but I truly don't sweat them with the whiskey b/c it just adds to the appeal!
  10. my whiskey mandy that i recently bought at the outlet was indeed scratched/worn.
    i too luv the worn look of the bag & couldn't resist it .

    cha cha
  11. ^^^^^ you got a Mandy? That is like my alltime favorite bag of the legacy line, but probably one I'll never own b/c it's just too pricey for me. If you don't mind me asking, did you get a huge deal on it?
  12. After reading this thread, I went to test this notion on my legacy whiskey shoulder bag. I had great success getting out most scratches. The best results were on the softer leather around the turnlocks and on the bag of the bag. The scratches on the handle lightened, but did not go away completely.
  13. i found my mandy at the outlet for $400.
  14. I think all the charm in the whiskey legacy bags is in the scratches, because it helps make the leather "vintage." That's why I want a bag in it.

    But an SA told me if I rubbed on them they could come out (or lesson??) I told her, no! I like the vintage look!

    So either way...