need opinions from LV experts!

  1. My mother in law gave me a brand new black epi leather croisette as a gift for be honest, although it is nice, it really isn't my style and I just don't want it...but being my mother in law, i really can't ask her for the receipt you think i could take it into LV and exchange it for something more my style or even credit or something? I'm sure they can authenticate it and am 100% sure she would never ever buy a fake...DH said she bought it for me on her recent trip to France...

    thanks for your advice!
  2. u really need the receipt at a very least
  3. you could always put it on eBay and see what you get for it...i mean, if it is in perfectly new condition (which it is...), then you should get an ok return. but i suppose it might just be easier to get the receipt ;).
  4. You can try, also if you know where she bought it, they can look it up by her name.