need opinions from fellow Westie Lovers!

  1. hey all, my little westie turns 1 year old tuesday! and on top of spending 250 on him at pet co (sadly christmas was skipped for both) i wanted to get him a nice handsome collar. what would you pick against his white coat and black features? (btw thats him in my avatar and profile pciture) :heart: :heart: :flowers:
  2. red! always a great choice for a collar.
  3. i like pink best (esp. the cute patent leather coach one), but he's a him so that probably wouldn't go over well. :smile: so i second the red! :yes:
  4. Awww, I love Westies! A happy birthday to your little cutie!

    We have two and we love red and black on them. Coach used to make leather collars and leashes but I don't know if they still do. We got ours 4-5 years ago and the leather has aged beautifully! We use the black sets everyday and reserve the red ones for going out or for special occasions (pics, holidays, b-days). Hunter green also looks good on westies. But with a white coat and a black nose I just love how red or black just pops against those features. I'd love to see more pics of your cutie!
  5. No opinion as I don't own a dog but Happy Birthday to your little Westie!
  6. I have pink on my little girl Westie :smile: It looks adorable (especially with the pink in her ears). I vote for the red on your baby :smile:
  7. I think red or baby blue would be cute :smile:
  8. I have a westie! We got him this collar that was black and had a bow on it, and he looked adorable and handsome at the same time! I think that black or red looks best with their white hair- or maybe a completely different color like dark purple or green- Also, Happy birthday to him!!!
  9. This present is really for you, isn't it? :yes:
  10. I don't have a Westie, I have a sharpei. I found a collar that is pink with siler skull heads on it. That would be tooo cute on a little Westie. Or, a pink collar with studs.
  11. LOL!!!! yes :smile: we both will benefit from this, i love shopping for him lol, its crazzzzy. so red and black are the winners! lol since it is both for me and him..maybe i should buy both?..:yes:
  12. thanks :smile:) he had SO much funn ripping the hell out of the wrapping paper, it was TOO cute.
  13. He is too cute! Aarti, what is his name?

    My Westie growing up was named Vanna White--she was the best
  14. He's darling Aarti - I love the pose looking out the window - so cute!!!. I have a Westie too. Red is good but I have often put plaid collars on my Scottie and Westie (to go with their Scottish heritage, of course). The plaid (particularly a red/green plaid) looks great. :biggrin:
  15. I have a westie too:yes: Her fav collar colours are red & blue. I love westies they are such funny characters. Her fav hobbies include chasing birds, lizards, bats, possums, cats and really anything that seems to enter HER space:P