Need opinions for next purse purchase..please offer your opinions!

  1. Medium Botkier Bianca in cherry vs. RM Matinee (either in wine, expresso or black). I'm also contemplating the Hayden Harnett Orsay in Caffe. :drool:

    Haven't seen any of the bags in person, but I love these styles. I'm petite (about 5'3") and don't want a huge overpowering bag. How does the leather quality compare and what about practicality (pockets, zippers, comfort, etc.).

    Any ideas would be really appreciated. Thanks!:flowers:
  2. I would say definitely not the Bianca... I feel like it was a trendy bag whose time has passed. You never see them around NYC anymore. I also got kind of disillusioned with Botkier... the first few seasons were lovely, but then the prices went up and the quality went down. :cursing:

    I'm lovin' a lot of RM bags at the moment! I actually prefer the MA over the Matinee, especially now that black comes with silver hardware. The Matinee is also quite nice, though.... I think I'm going to be buying a Nikki at some point.

    Of course I love HH, but I'm not wild about the patterning on the Orsay. If you don't own any HH, I'd recommend starting with one of the classics, like a Havana or an Inka (I don't think either would overpower you). Or what about a Suki?
  3. Cherry Botkier
  4. Matinee in glazed espresso :biggrin:
  5. Do you have pics by chance?
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  7. I'm not wild about the Bianca. I just can't get into the two pockets bulging off the front. However, I have a Bryant satchel (with just 1 pocket) that I love and it is luscious and soft! Have you considered that style? I've never seen it in a red, however, just black, grey and brown. The Matinee is lovely, but at 4'11" it often looks massive on me. Weirdly, some colors "look" much smaller and doable than others - I tried on a Berry color the other day and it looked HUGE on me. But the glazed espresso and saddle ones didn't. Go figure! I do like the Orsay, too, but it's a rather different feel than the other 2. A little more casual, maybe? Just my $0.02.

    Botkier Bryant Satchel

  8. I know that some might say the Bianca is already outdated/will be soon, but I can't help but adore it! Though I'm never one to strictly follow the trends... I have the medium in cherry and it is seriously my fave of all of my bags! So soft and yummy, amazing color and the perfect size (I am also petite). I don't have a matinee yet (should be here Friday), so I can't comment on that.
    I have and really like the H-H Suki - very soft leather, nice size. And I also have the Botkier Bryant which I really like as well, though something about the handles doesn't make it my favorite to carry on my shoulder (which I often do with the Bianca and the Suki).
    For me, Bianca always trumps them all! In fact, I'm on the hunt for another, perhaps in Olive!

    Let us know what you decide!!
  9. I have to agree about the Bianca... I know it was more popular before but it never really appealed to me until I saw/felt one in person, so bought one after the hype was over. I adore it! It is luscious lambskin leather, very lightweight and the pockets make it my most functional bag. I love my RM as well, but I have to vote for the Bianca!!!
  10. I just recently got the medium Bianca too -- I love it! Great size... I'm 5'4" slim frame. I think if you're small, the RM will be big, and I hear it's a heavy bag. The Bianca is so soft! It's comfortable to carry, and I love the front pockets! The Bryant satchel is really nice too!