Need opinions for a new bag...


Which one?

  1. Anthracite Twiggy

  2. Vert Gazon Twiggy

  3. Vert D'eau City

  4. Cream City with Silver GH

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Why o' why Balenciaga, do you do this to me??? I buy Chanel, LV, and Prada, but Balenciaga is by far the most addicting because of all the gorgeous colors and leather. So just when I thought I was done buying Balenciaga for the year, here I go again. I *have* to have another one. So I did some deep thinking and have narrowed it down to 4 bags. lol 1) Anthracite Twiggy, 2) Vert Gazon Twiggy, 3) Vert D'eau City or 4) wait for a Cream City with SGH. OR if someone can lend me about $5000, I'll just get all 4 of them. :graucho: Right now I have a Black City, White City, Rouge VIF Box, and Ink Purse. So I guess a little more color wouldn't hurt, although clothing-wise I normally wear black, greys, and neutrals...(don't think I own anything bright!). So there you have please make up my mind for me. ;)
  2. I voted for the Cream City with SGH...that sounds divine!:angel:
  3. I voted for Vert d'Eau based on your current collection and because I looooooooooove my VDE City! It's one of my favorites... Let us know what you decide!
  4. I vote for anthra twiggy! coz I'm not a fan of the greens even though its beautiful... and then coz you already have a white city... the anthra's a real chameleon... I think it'll make a great addition to your collection! good luck on your decision and keep us posted!
  5. I voted for vert gazon, I think a pop color like that would be great with your wardrobe, and with the bags you already have.
  6. Based on your collection, my vote goes to the VG Twiggy.
  7. voted for the VG twiggy.
  8. Vert Gazon. That color is amazing. I always go for bright colors. hehe.