Need you think black epi alma is too formal?

  1. Can this be an everyday bag? I'm a SAHM of 2 boys (ages 4 & 5). Do you think this goes with jeans? (I'd best describe my style as preppy casual, though some days it's "I'm lucky I got a shower" today). I'm also considering the mulberry ledbury or east west bayswater. I also need something pretty durable. Your thoughts??

  2. I think that bag would be gorgeous!
  3. I mostly think of Epi as dressy and formal, but the model of the Alma is IMO very classy yet fun! I think that would look gorgeous with jeans, to be honest!
  4. I own a black Epi Alma and while yes she looks nice when I am in jeans, she looks best when I am in my business clothes or in chic casual. I do not think this is the best bag for you.
  5. I don't think it's too formal. It would look great with anything you wear!
  6. I think the bag would be lovely.
  7. Epi leather is pretty can use it casually or for going out on the town or for dinner....I think it's the most appropriate in business-like settings, IMO....
  8. if you like the alma ... how about in monogram? or if you are worried about the vachetta ... i recommend the damier alma ... less maintenance!
  9. black is always classic.
    And the Alma is beautiful.
  10. I don't think it would be too formal. I think it's perfect for a SAHM!!! It's understated!! Go for it! :smile:
  11. I think the bag goes great with jeans! I owned it at one time and always wore it with jeans.
  12. I think it would be fine for you.
  13. i think it is aa great bag. maybe in red so it is not so formal. i love epi almas
  14. Exactly how I wear mine. Another consideration is that it is hand held and can be cumbersome. There is a place for a strap but I don't really like how it looks.
  15. Oh, I think I'm more confused Well, I actually need a black bag...hmmm, what to do? I wish they made this in a warm green (like Hermes' vert anis or chartreuse), I would buy that in a minute & get a different black bag.

    I also think the design might not be the most favorable for an everyday bag (not the easiest to get in & out of when you have 2 active boys). It's hard b/c I do just love this bag. Keep your opinions coming b/c you all make some good points. THanks again!


    PS I don't care for monogram or damier pieces, I'm a plain jane kind of gal, thus the epi (which I adore).