Need opinions. Do these wedges look good with my H.S demi?

  1. I'm thinking of getting these wedges @ Macy's to match my Heritage Stripe demi. I like to match my shoes with my bags most of the time. I just got the Abella's to match my Carly. So now i found these wedges which are called Betsey and would like your opinions about it. Do you think the Betsey's match my demi? They are department store exclusive so the Coach store doesn't have them. Overall do you think these wedges are nice?? When my husband and i saw them at the store i was so excited and loved them, but when i tried them on i was so-so about it. Even my husband said they look's the laces in the front that's why. Anyway i would like to know what you girls think about these Betsey wedges and the laces in the front. I made my husband take these pics with his cell phone while i went to look at the clearance rack haha. TIA for your opinions.

    *The trim of the bag and the straps and trim of the wedges are patent. The color of the pinks are almost the same too.
    carolsbag6.jpg 1BetseyWedges.jpg 2Betseywedges.jpg 3BetseyWedges.jpg 4BetseyWedges.jpg
  2. OMG those are adorable! how much are those ?
  3. $178 and the style no. is A8153
  4. they are cute! just don't think they are my style.
  5. YESSS!! Too cute!
  6. That would be adorable as long as the rest of the outft is classic - solid color, no patterns, etc.
  7. Yes! I think it would look great together! I adore those shoes! They are too cute!
  8. pretty cute!
  9. Thanks for your opinions girls! They are cute but the bow kinda bothers me. So still unsure if i should get it. Maybe if i make the bow a little smaller it would look better..idk..i'm still thinking about it.
  10. Yes.. They're very cute!!
  11. I think they are cute except for the bow. But then again, I usually end up liking the stuff that I don't like when I actually see it in person. But they do go with your heritage stripe :biggrin:
  12. I think it makes a very cute combo, but if you are so-so about it already before buying then I wouldn't. I have made the mistake of not being 100% sure and I end up not using what I bought.
  13. Hmm, well, they def. match the heritage stripe demi! Something about the bow bothers me too. Perhaps its the fabric of the bow? Is it a shoelace string?
  14. They do match your bag but I also don't like the bow. I don't know what it is about it but these would be so much cuter without it. Have you seen the Janelle flats in pink? These are even cuter IMO and they still match your bag.
  15. Those wedges are super cute and totally match your demi purse. However, I think they are "too much" if that makes any sense. Maybe it's the bow at the front, or something. There just seems to be too much going on with those shoes. They are cute as heck, but I'd probably wear them once or twice, and then store them in a shoebox in my closet after that.

    I like the Janelle flats better! Good thinking biggestbaglover! :tup: