Need Opinions Cole Haan Patent Bag!!

  1. [​IMG]
    Has anyone seen this in real life? It is $450..does anyone have it? Please give me your thoughts!
  2. I love it in the non-patent but I'm not a huge patent fan in general. But the bag style is adorable. I would totally get it if I could.
    And don't forget there is a 30% off coupon in the Deals and Steals right now.
  3. That's cute. Cole Haan is on my bag list to try out. I hear it is severly underrated and their quality is great.
  4. I am not a fan of patent leather but that bag is fantastic!! Cole Haan is a great designer, I am sure you will love it.

    Post pics if you get it!!
  5. I have this bag in non-patent. It is fabulous! I don't know about the patent one but the leather on the other one is TDF and it is very functional with great organization on the inside. I totally recommend this bag!
  6. What are the dimensions?? Is it big?

    I love big bags!
  7. I've seen the non-patent ones IRL and they are absolutely gorgeous! I have a couple of the Cole Haan village bags, and I have to say that Cole Haan is one of the most underappreciated designers out there. The bags are very well made, and the leather is just amazing!
  8. I saw this bag in lord&taylor and its beautiful, but its big! i'm not sure whether this bag comes with a strap because I didnt see it, i tried it as an arm bag and its huge
  9. It's cute but I agree...I think it'll probably look better and more classy in non-patent.
  10. It's convertible so yes it comes with a shoulder strap. I actually have a Furla which is very similar in shape so I'm passing on this but I was very tempted by the 30% off this morning! I saw it in the red in Macys recently and thought it was beautiful. I'd get black for myself but the red is nice too.
  11. I like the bag but not in patent.
  12. I love the style but am not a huge patent fan. I've seen the bag non-patent and I loved that.
  13. I like both the non-patent and patent version :tup:
  14. If you like patent, it's a great quality and beautiful bag, so go for it.
  15. That bag is adorable and as others have mentioned, Cole Haan is very underrated.