Need opinions: Classic City vs. ME, blue vs. black?

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  1. I'm getting ready to acquire my second Balenciaga and debating between the Classic vs the ME line. I currently own a gris glace ME.

    I slightly prefer the hardware on the Classic for the darker color bags, but I'm having hesitations regarding the durability of the lambskin versus the goatskin. I prefer thicker leather that can withstand heavier loads, as I tend to carry a lot. Can anyone who owns a classic city weigh in on durability, texture, and appearance of the lambskin?

    I'm also welcoming opinions on color! Does anyone personally have bleu obscure or blue abyss? I find that the colors online are a bit off. These are the ones I'm deciding on:
    Classic in black
    Classic in bleu obscure
    ME in black
    ME in blue abyss

    If it matters, I wear a lot of black, grey, white, navy, light blue, light pink, plum, and burgundy.

    Thanks so much!

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  2. Have you seen the ME bleu nuit? It's more dark blue than blue abyss I think. Mytheresa has it so I suppose it's in the next collection. :smile: I have also pondered about your question about black vs. dark blue but I think I'm going to buy a gris acier as I have some kind of grey period going on and I don't use much black bags anyways.

    I'm also very interested to hear what other ladies recommend. :smile:
  3. Love the bleu nuit! Does mytheresa ship to the US?

    Lol I started this thread and knew I would probably have most people telling me to get black. I probably need more black bags but I tend to gravitate to other neutrals like blue, grey, and taupe.
  4. Yes, it does actually, I just checked. I'm sure the bleu nuit will be on sale in the US too though. I suppose it's going to be in the next collection as the Mytheresa implies it's a pre-fall. :smile: I'm with you what it comes to black bags! I know some people doesn't use any other colour, but I find it quite harsh, yet stylish of course. Maybe I'm not stylish enough. :amuse:
  5. Hi Breadnbrie! Exciting on getting your next Bal....woohoo! You've listed several true beauties. I have a classic black lambskin with classic/RHW & adore it to pieces ....I consider it the quintessential bag (for those of us that love black) Mine has held up very well but I do not overload my Bals (except for my Bal Work bag) I can't speak to the blues you've mentioned (as I have Ink, Officier & had Tempete in past) but I've seen Blue Obscur & LOVE it.
    MyTheresa site does deliver via DHL to the USA....I just got a Bal from them recently & they ship fast...always have had great experiences with them, Can't wait to see your choice! :flowers:
  6. Thank you so much for your input! Does the black fade at all? Does the lambskin hold its shape as much as goatskin, or is it slightly more slouchy? Right now I'm leaning black just because of the versatility, but we will see once I visit them in person!:P
  7. [emoji1327]breadnbrie! Here are pics of my black lambskin City. I have not had any color fading issues. I have both goat & lambskin in various Bal styles... Whichever city you choose, you will get some slouch. I do not have any of the more recent Hamilton chèvre city (i.e.-metal edge)bags so hopefully other languages can weigh in for you about the slouch. I have read that they also do break in & slouch but perhaps they maintain their shape a bit better than lamb ( but I personally can not speak to this as I don't have 1) ImageUploadedByPurseForum1466934177.536896.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1466934194.681878.jpg hope this helps a little![emoji4][emoji256][emoji256]
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  8. ha, i just noticed my typo in above post...should be hopefully other ladies (not languages!!) will weigh in...I seriously need an eye exam typing on iphone!!
  9. Thank you!! Your bag is beautiful!! The lambskin looks more texturized if that makes sense. So I definitely decided on the classic city in bleu obscur; I emailed the SA about availability. I'm so excited to own my second Bal!
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  10. I think you made an excellent choice!! :heart:
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