Need opinions. Cartier vs Chopard Vs Rolex?

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  1. I'm looking to get a watch but can't decide between the Cartier Tank, Chopard Happy Sport or Rolex Datejust.

    These are the top three favourites I prefer so far but I'm undecided still. Any suggestions or opinions will be great! :tup:
    Cartier Tank Francaise Midsize.jpg Happy Sport.jpg Lady Datejust.jpg
  2. Tough choice. They're all beautiful. I'd say get the Rolex first.
  3. I'm leaning towards the Chopard, but they are all gorgeous - you can't go wrong!
  4. I would pick the Chopard. I have a watch from the happy diamonds collection and I just love the little floaty diamonds, they're so cute. The others are a little plain for my taste and I think the Chopard just has the little bit of added oomph. Enjoy whichever one you choose :flowers:.
  5. Thanks ladies! I'm leaning towards the Happy Sport too!
  6. Personally, I like the Cartier Tank.
  7. 1. Cariter
    2. Rolex
    3. Chopard
    In that order.
  8. ^^^^ I agree, Cartier first, then Rolex, then Chopard. :yes:
  9. ITA get the chopard!
  10. Of the three you've got there, I like the Cartier best.
  11. I'd say the Chopard Happy Sport because I'm obsessed with them at the moment.
  12. Thank you gals! I changed my mind, I just swayed towards the Cartier Tank. LOL. I'm going to have another look and try them on!
  13. I totally agree with that order: 1. Cartier 2. Rolex 3. Chopard
    I would consider getting a necklace but not a watch from Chopard.
  14. cartier then rolex...:tup: