Need opinions: BV sandals

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  1. Hi, I am thinking about getting a BV sandals ( they would be my first ones) still trying to get a rame veneta, so I think the ayers rame colour would be a great start, and they are so beautiful. My feet are quite wide and a big number of foot ( 40-41 in spain). My SA told me they still have the same plain sandals like the ones that Baggiana, silver cloud and bags4fun have, ( Picture from silvercloud, I hope she doesnt mind):


    Or also available the high heeled version, but the one that is covered at the back of the sandal. I have tried to post the picture from BV website ( still available) but I cannot copy and post it here.

    baggiana, silvercloud, bags4fun, do your flat sandals still hurt?
    does someone have the high heel version and if so, could you give your input? I usually cut a little my higheel shoes, because I am not used to use very high ones and I am 5 10", do you think it would be possible to do this with this sandals?
  2. Can you try the shoes on? BV run a bit small sometimes, especially high heels. I always have to get a 3.9 in high heels and a 38.5 or 39 in flats. Can you return if they don't fit? Don't have the ones you are asking about, so I can comment. I'm sure the other gals will soon.
    BTW, all my BV shoes are very comfy even the high heels.
  3. I cant try them on, I dont have a BV store near my house :sad:. I have to ask my SA If can return them, because they are a sale item... maybe if I buy them with this condition?
    if BV runs small, then I would need a number 41 in spain, does somene knows until wich number do you find shoes in BV ? ( sometimes I use the biggest number done, as a lot of shoemakers use the number 40 as the biggest one)
  4. I have sent a friend ( she is a sweetheart) to try on som BV shoes to tell me how they fit her so I can imagine how they would be on me!

    Ohh, rigth now thinking i would use more the flat than the high heels, but they are so beautiful...
  5. ^^ What a sweet friend you have! It sure is difficult to buy shoes without trying them on. Hope you can get a good sense of how they will fit for you.
  6. Considering the comments from three of us, this is one sandal that I would suggest that you must try on yourself... or pass on if you cannot return. Just my opinion... I hope that it turns out well for you since it seems you have your heart set on these.