Need opinions! Buying today!!

Years ago I bought my first speedy 30 in mono and used it to death. I also had 5 other LVs and in a moment of being irrational sold them all. I currently own a mono never full amd a Bloomsbury in de. I don't own a speedy. I love the da pattern and am thinking of getting the speedy 30 in da. Not worried about color transfer. I live in New England though and am wondering how many months a year I could use it-or if it's seasonless...would love any thoughts and opinions. Tia!
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Jan 9, 2014
I would get the DA that way you would have all three canvases. I live in Michigan. I have a Delightful DA that I only use in spring and summer. I have a Speedy in DE and empreinte. I use my empreinte all year round and the DE fall and winter.


Mar 3, 2007
New England
I also live in New England and I wear my Damier Ebene printed bags year round. It doesn't matter to me.
Haha. Azur! Lol! It's beautiful in the warmer months but I probably wouldn't wear it much during the fall/ winter. But it's whatever you think looks best. That's all that matters.


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Jun 15, 2014
So, if it was going to be the only Speedy you owned (as I said I have a de Bloomsbury and mono neverfull) would you get the mono Speedy or the DA?
Mono - unless you would consider a DE speedy since you are in a rainy climate it would be a better all weather bag. But it also sounds like you want something in DA. Maybe it would be good to consider getting a smaller bag like the Pochette Accessoires in DA. That way you can use it in your larger bags but take it out on quick trips and not have to worry about water damage. Just a suggestion. GL deciding!
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Now I can't decide. I love the da. But I've been looking at pics of the mono and I love the way it looks, new and fresh. But I wouldn't carry 2 mono pieces together and I have the neverfull in mono. And I have a de also. So I'm sleeping on it tonight and will buy tomorrow! Keep those opinions coming!!


Mar 16, 2007
Silk Nirvana
I had to get my "east coast frame of mind" on for this question- I spent most of my early life back east and remember fondly the changing of the seasons and what is so special about each of them. I now live in SoCal where fashion can be "season-less". That being said, my opinion is that the DA may be better suited for spring and summer in New England. I am not sure about a light cool-colored bag during the fall and winter months when fashion traditionally is darker and warmer but I could be wrong or it may just be a personal preference.

You should buy what makes YOU happy ultimately. I love all the canvases and there is room and a place for all of them in any well-rounded LV collection. Happy decision-making!