Need opinions - bought my first Burberry trench!

  1. I don't usually go for double breasted styles, but I figured this is the classic trench so it's gotta be double breasted. I went for a darker color (navy), and originally wanted a shorter length but ended up with this one which ends just under the knee. I don't have a really defined waist and belted styles usually don't look great on me. Still, what do you guys think (please excuse the streaks on the mirror)?


    The style name is Holford (I think), and it's 60% canepa, 38% cotton and 2% elastane. Anyone know what canepa is, and are 100% cotton trenches better? The material feels a bit like a heavier soft canvas, but with some stretch (which I like).

    Also, I think the sleeves need to be shortened, and I've heard that Burberry can do this - does anyone have info on how much they'd charge for this? The strap and button on the sleeves would have to be moved up, I think.
    burberry_model1.JPG burberry_model2.JPG burberry_model3.JPG burberry_model4.JPG burberry_model5.JPG
  2. Very elegant, great buy!!
  3. nice coat and I love the color. Looks like a keeper to me!
  4. Nice, it looks great on you :yes:
  5. it fits you very well! your burrberry trench is very classy :smile:
  6. its a classic and it suits you. navy is such a versatile colour too. congrats
  7. You look lovely in it!! Great purchase :smile:
  8. It looks great on you! What a great choice.
  9. Congrats,I really like the navy color
  10. It looks gorgeous! =)
  11. I love this! It really does look great on you, although I agree you need to get the sleeves fixed. They look a tad long-ish. What a classic buy!! Looks much like mine, except mine's black and a little shorter (hits mid-thigh)
  12. It looks spectacular on you.
  13. Oooooh, nice! It looks so good on you! I like the color a lot, it probably doesn't get dirty as easily as the beige/tan ones.
  14. i think it overpowers you a little bit...
  15. Thanks everyone...

    Ooo... do you mean the fit, the length, or something else?