Need Opinions ASAP!!

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  1. Do It!!!
  2. ahhhhh i was outbidded.

  3. Awhhh!! I looked at that bag earlier... sorry you were outbid!
  4. Well, I never saw a bag like that (I'm not to expert in Coach anyways) but I think is beautiful! :tup:
  5. Awww...sorry you lost, that's a bummer! I've seen these show up periodically on Ebay, so keep trying! I always liked these bags. This is from the tie dye collection from 2-3 years ago, I think.
  6. it's a cute bag, but I think more will be turning up in the next few weeks... The pink color is perfect for this time of year though, so best of luck on your next bid!
  7. I love that bag, and they got it for a steal!! sorry you didn't get it, hope you get one in the near future. And if you do, lots of pics :biggrin: