Need Opinions Asap!! Black Square Vintage Tote...

  1. Hi Everyone!!! Well, No Luck In Finding My Black Large Diamond Stitch Tote..only The Small Size..which If Anyone Is Interested, Chanel Hawaii (not Sure Which Island) Has One Right Now...

    But, I Was Able To Locate A Black Square Vintage Tote (medium Size, Not The Huge One) At A Chanel Boutique..more North/south Than East/west..model A32909 Is On Hold For Me Today..any Feedback On It Would Be Great!! Do You Think The Style Will Be Popular For A Good While?? Love It,hate It?? Too Big, Too Small??

    Any Other Thoughts On Any Other Bags I Might Prefer..i Own A Chanel Black Medallion With Gold Tote And Wanted A Chanel Bag With Silver.. My Friend Just Got The Modern Chain In Black And I Do Not Want The Same Bag..any Thoughts Would Be Great!!!
  2. I really like the Square Vintage Tote you're talking about. I think that's the same one that Swanky has. It's very pretty.
  3. Your Right...swanky Does Have It (i Think) In The Ivory/cream Color..beautiful Color!!
  4. I have it and it's FANTASTIC!!!:yes:
    I'd totally buy this one in every color if I could!
    I have lots of pics posted if you do a search.
  6. they're not at all similar IMO.
    The Medallion is stiff/structured and more of a flat quit in caviar leather.
    The Vintage is UBER-soft and squishy and a nice puffy quilt to it and will hold a lot more:yes:
  7. Great To Know..i Feel My Medallion Tote Is A Bit Small For Me...thank You A Ton!

    I Looks So Soft And Cuddly I Am Considering Trading In My Husband For It!! Hahah
  8. Swanky...i Just Viewed Your It!!!

    It Almost Looks Like The Huge Tote In The Picture Of You Holding It Under Your Arm From The Yours The Smaller Of The Two Totes...about 13 In Wide By 10 Inches..just Trying To Get A My Mind...some Of The Photos Make The Bag Look Smaller..
  9. there's only 2 as far as I know the one I have which is a N/S shape, then the E/W shape which is quite a bit bigger, but sort of diaperbag-ish.
  10. I have that tote and I love it!!! I'm with Swanky and if my bag budget was limitless, I would have it in gray, white, black and burgandy! :smile:
  11. swanky, i love your cream vintage tote... is it hard to take care of it? does it get dirty/scractch easily?
  12. I've carried it everyday since I got it. . . and I mean I REALLY carry it! It's been to the movies, grocery store a dozen + times, mall after mall, after mall. . . .
    it's starting to show some dirt but I haven't even attempted to clean her up yet.
    I guess I need it in at least one more color as it's definitely my fave right now adn I can't keep carrying it in this light color every single day.
  13. Oh, Swanky, what color are you considering??:graucho:
    Me, too agree this bag is super great. You won't see anyone pretty much
    ever carring this bag, or anything even similar.....and everyone I talk to LOVES it.
  14. I'd love the burgandy/bourdeaux one. . . but I'm sure that's pretty much impossible!
    I'd also LOVE it in black!
  15. I have this bag in black and IT'S WONDERFUL!!! Everytime I go to a Chanel Boutique or NM with Chanel, the SA's tell me how lucky I am to have that purse.

    Each time I wear it I can't help but HUG it like a teddy bear!! It's seriously seriously super awesome soft and cuddly! Good luck to you!! I hope you get it!