Need Opinions - Are these shoes frumpy?

  1. I need a pair or cute shoes I can wear with casual pants or skirts that I can run errands in and be on my feet a lot with. These shoes are by Taryn Rose so they would fit the bill on comfort but I'm having trouble determining if they are too dowdy. What's your opinion?

    Here's a pic:

  2. From what I can see, they look cute.
  3. ITA, but if you could take a pic of the heel maybe?

    So far, they look just fine though!
  4. I think they are cute, and I hear that Taryn Rose shoes are made for comfort.
  5. from what I can see they don't look frumpy but it would help to see the heel.
  6. I agree with everyone else. It's hard to tell without seeing the heel.
    From what I do see they are kinda cute but a little bit matronly.
  7. This is a different color but here's a shot of the heel:

  8. They look fine ..
  9. I think they are stylish enough given that you want/need them to be comfy yet have some style.
  10. Don't like them, sorry. =(
  11. Thanks for the opinions. I decided I'll wait and try to find something else. Words like matronly are what I'm trying to avoid.
  12. Yea, I don't like those either.
  13. OMG I'm sorry! I hope you didn't take it as a mean comment. That's just the honest to God first word that came to my mind.
  14. I don't like them. If you want comfortable shoes, a pair of nice sneakers or flats would do just as well and probably look more stylish.

    That's just me though. I'm kind of biased against sandals in the first place.
  15. Hey ZZ I'm not really a fan...something about the gathered leather is a dealbreaker for me, IMO.