Need opinions and suggestions on the Legacy Jacquard Edie 28

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  1. Hey everyone,
    I ordered my first Coach bag-Legacy Jacquard Edie 28 two days ago at a steal deal, however, I’m now conflicted if this is a tough enough bag for daily use or should have I settled for an all leather Metallic Graphite Edie 31. Ive read conflicting reviews on both these bags. I need suggestions/opinions, pls help me decide. Pic of the Legacy Jacquard I bought (it’s enroute):
    Thanks guys ❤️
  2. Tough enough?
    If anything, jacquard should be more durable than leather, no?
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  3. Yes even the fabric has a nice rich feel to it. I’m sure it’s durable, considering I need one for daily use. I was sceptical about the graphite metallic Edie 31, for daily use, fearing that the soft leather may start flaking.
  4. I have the Mini Kelsey (outlet bag) in the same Legacy Jacquard. I love that bag, and I think it's plenty durable! None of the fabric has pilled or pulled, and I've had it since May 2018. Probably more durable than leather in some aspects, because the busy pattern and the fact that it's fabric means it won't get or show scratches easily.
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  5. Yes I agree, I’m using it presently and I’m glad I picked this one over an Edie metallic graphite. I wanted something that is tough for daily use, and this size is just right given my cervical issues. Although I don’t see this legacy Jacquard bag around much here in the forum or even on google, I wonder if it was a limited edition or wasn’t a hit with But I love mine irrespective thanks for your input ❤️
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  6. At some point Mama Beech had a Lexy or Edie in the Legacy fabric"
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