Need opinions/advice from you awesome ladies.......

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  1. I want to get on the waitlist for something in Marigold. Not sure what. Do you think this color would look good in a Twiggy? Or better in a smaller piece (some kind of wallet)?

    Also, as you know Bal NY charges taxes for NYS residents (which can really add up!). Should I take my chances and see if Aloha Rag or another store out of state will have items in Marigold? Or do you think that would be a longshot?

  2. Marigold would look fab in a Day, Twiggy, First or Makeup. I prefer that colour in smaller bags, but they all look great in their own way! If you could rock a gorgeous Marigold in a larger style then that would be stunning too! It's all personal taste. I'd love a Marigold First myself but I don't know of anywhere I can get one...Good luck!
  3. Becca, I think that the marigold would be a great wallet or makeup bag color. Of course, I also think you could rock a twiggy in that color. I'd definitely go with BALNY (even with the taxes) b/c AR doesn't always get everything. I hate that because I get charged taxes by BALNY here in NJ because their corporate office is in NJ!
  4. :wtf: That stinks!!! Those damn taxes really sting the wallet.

  5. I agree, I think it would stunning in one of the smaller size pieces or an accessory :heart:
  6. Becca i love the Marigold in the First or Make up clutch.:yes:
  7. i'm waitlisted for marigold'll be so hot!!
  8. im down for a day.... I think it depends how you wear your wardrobe... as mine is mainly denim and balck i get away with bright coloured bags as they add a splash of colour!!!
  9. ITA - but a Marigold DAY would be super fab!! what a great statement with all that luscious yellow leather :drool:

    OMG - this is my 500th post! i'm official now

  10. No kidding!! :nuts: Most of my friends wouldn't dream of paying what I pay in TAX alone for a bag!!! Anyway, I say a make-up or wallet would be a great splash of color without going over the top. :graucho:
  11. Put yourself on the BalNY list, but keep calling Aloharag until you know whether or not they have the style you want in marigold. If they have it, then you can cancel the BalNY order.

    I'm on the list for a Day...I'm so excited!
  12. I think the twiggy in Marigold will be amazing!

  13. I agree with highgloss.... :yes: Becca - I think that a twiggy looks fabulous in marigold :drool:, but it also could be another style in this lovely color like a Day or Make-up or ..... ;):heart:
  14. I am so glad someone started this thread because it was as if you read my mind.

    Are you guys getting your marigold day with RH or GH or SGH ? I kind of like regular hardware myself on this one....

    I am a day person, have a few.... I was toying with the idea of a marigold First....... and I dont know, I am intrigued by it.... what do you guys think?

    With my luck they wont make the first in the marigold. I was intrigues by a french blue first and people seem to laugh when I ask if they have one, so forget that!

    I also want that flap clutch, havent decided the color.... want something very rock n'roll.... any ideas?
  15. I like bright colors on smaller things, such as coin purse or make-up bag!! :yes: