Need opinions about my 05 Black City

  1. Hi Gals :nuts:

    I had an 05 City that I sold about a year ago and I missed it so much. I recently bought another one and got a very good deal on it.

    It is in nearly-new condition EXCEPT for some curling of the seams (see top corner in the large pic and detail below). I seem to remember reading about this in this forum with some of the older bags before but I can't find the threads.

    What is your take on this? Is this something LMB could remedy or do you think if I condition the bag it will help flatten them out? I love this bag otherwise.

    Thanks, girlies! :heart:


  2. My 05 magenta city has curled seams along the bottom (but only on one side!). I'd be curious to hear what people think about it, whether it's fixable.
  3. bump!
  4. Roo, where have you been, girly? :nuts:

    Sorry I can't help you - that hasn't happened on my bbags. I hope it can be remedied though. Good luck! ;)

  5. Hey there!

    I've been around, but we moved about a month ago, are selling our old place, and all the stuff in between! Been super busy!!! :wacko:
  6. Hi Roo! I've never had this happen myself, but I would try conditioning a little "sample area" first... the curling may be from dryness that can be remedied with conditioner. In the meantime, you can always
    email Barbara with that detailed picture and see what she says... after all, you have THE classic Bbag and to have gotten it for a great deal? I say try to fix that baby :yes:
  7. I agree great advice!