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  1. I bought this bag from bloomingdales for a super good deal, $340, original $850, but i'm not so sure if i want to keep it. what do you all think? it has both brown and black, which is nice because i can wear it with both colors. also, i can take the strap off and use it as a clutch. i don't have that many bags because i have a hard time picking one out. i have two other louis vuittons and that's it. the bag is beautiful in real life...i'm just not sure if i am a big fendi fan.

    do you think i should keep it?
  2. I love baguettes and think it's cute.
  3. wow congrats! what a great deal on the bag. if i were you, i think i'd keep the bag, i love the baguette since its small, i can take it to places i dont want to wear a big bag to like to a party or lounge
  4. I think it's really nice, an offbeat texture and a simple,versatile colour. Plus the baguette is a classic...definitely a keeper.
  5. Great deal. It doesn't really do anything for me IMHO, but if you love it-ROCK it
  6. buy what you love and only what you love..the baguette a classic and timeless