Need Opinion: Summer Bag Colour

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  1. I have been looking for a summer bag and every year I start to look only to be disappointed with the options for one reason or another. This year I found the Madison Small Phoebe Shoulder bag which I think looks like a great option for me.

    Now the problem, I can't decide which colour I should get. I love the Grey Birch colour. It seems so versatile and a great soft colour which I think would work for spring/summer. But given that I really am looking for a spring/summer bag, I think the parchment colour is probably more in line with a summer bag. As a result I am struggling to decide which way to go as I like both colours and I don't want to buy both colours.

    I would appreciate your opinions on what colour you think would work best.

    'Madison - Small Phoebe' Leather Shoulder

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  2. I personally found the parchment too pink for me, it's definitely not white. But I know other TPFers loved that it had pink in it, or felt it was too white! So I prefer the grey birch myself of those two color options. Have you been able to see them IRL?
  3. It sounds to me like you love the grey birch more - I really like that color too, so that would be my pick!
  4. I love parchment in any that would be my choice.
  5. I'm scared of white bags, so I would go with the grey birch.
  6. Not sure if you should consider which goes with your summer clothes more. I personally love white and off-white bags for spring and summer.
  7. I don't do white at all. Grey birch!
  8. as much as i love the white i'd go with grey birch personally.....but i'm just going off of what I LIKE. I honestly would wear both bags all year round but i feel like white would just show wear fast than the grey......cant wait to see which bag you pick :biggrin: they're both amazing
  9. Like both but I have only seen the grey birch in person. It's very pretty!
  10. I have the grey birch and I love it. That said, it has a lot of purple in it, so much so that people have called it a purple bag. I would make sure that this color worked with the majority of my summer wardrobe if I was going to use just the one bag.

    I also love parchment bags and wear them just about all summer. One really can't go wrong with the parchment, except that one must take a little care with it.
  11. Thanks everyone for your feedback:smile:

    I went ahead and purchased the parchment colour but I keep thinking about the grey birch. I think I will get out some of my summer clothes including some of my white dresses to see how the parchment looks. I haven't had a bag this colour in a long time so I'm not sure about how it will hold up with colour transfer, dirt etc.

    Not that I need another bag, but I am thinking if I really like the grey birch maybe I should look for a different bag in a grey colour. Something to think about...
  12. it also depends on what life style you lead in the summer, are you outdoors a lot, do you work, do you got out a lot etc