need opinion pls if what i did is right. thing to hold payment

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  1. okey here is the story, i won a lv on the eBay last saturday and was not able to pay it right way coz i have to wait fro my check that i deposit to be clear coz its a big amount. so finally i sent the payment via paypal wednesday night . and seller email me the information abou the shipping track via paypal.i don't know for some reason after i sent the payment i went and check her eBay id w/c to my surprise was being NARU, so of course i got panic and called the paypal 950pm to see if they can do anything putting hold on payment and explain to them that the seller is NARU already and said they can't do anything coz its in her account already. of course i'm so frustrated that i didn't even sleep very well that night.
    the next morning i contact the eBay told the story and called the paypal if there is anything i can do, they said at this time they can't do anything and just wait till the package arrive ( w/c it will be arrive 2 to 9 days):nuts:. i told the paypal that i'm not going to wait fro it , what happened if the item didn't really ship out so i will be losing 1000, i ask them if i can file a complaint and reverse the payment and they said its up to me, so thats what i did , to protect myself, now the seller is so upset harassing me on phone that the payment was hold by the paypal but in my bank its been cleared and want to me to close the dispute since she already shiped out the package. and now her bank charging her fees for all the bills that she had paid for insufficient funds i guess. telling me that i need to pay her for those fees that i cost her. so i email her that i have every right to do what i did to protect myself and i will reverse the payment once i get the item and i'm not out here to take advantage and scam her for that. w/c is basically that s what i want to happened to get my item first for my protection. and now she is harrassing me , calling me and threaten me that her brother is a lawyer and that will need to pay for all the fees that she had been charge by her bank.
    now the question is did i did the right thing to protect my self by calling paypal and put a dispute on this transaction. and m'i responsible to pay her for al lthe fee that she was talking about? m'i being so unconsiderate and heartless by doing what i did? do i need to be bother by this lawyer thingy and can be sued for this:rolleyes:
    m'i wrong on this?

    sorry so long , i'm just so frustrated right now:cursing:

    so ladies and gentle i need your opinion on this. will apprecaite it.
    thank you for listening
  2. do not close any dispute until the bag is in your hands and you're happy. once the paypal dispute is closed it cannot be reopened

  3. now she is threatning me w/ her brother being a lawyer and i will regret this and will get all the fees that i cost i need to get shaken by her threat:nogood:
  4. Ok you did the right thing but this is something my lawyer has taught me when it comes to my x threating me with my son.

    Would say the Redskins give Dallas their play book? NO Anyway she is just running her mouth don't worry!! Wait for your bag and if it's ok then release the payment.

  5. thank you for your advice and thats what i thought too she is just bluffing to make me close the case.
  6. DH is a lawyer and he is sitting right here, so I asked him about this

    he said do not worry, you have not done anything wrong and you're protecting yourself. wrong would be if you got the bag everything was great and you still did the funds reversal. then she could sue. not sure how good the case would be, but it could be done.
  7. thank you:flowers:,
  8. It's not your fault. Besides, she should have waited for Paypal to transfer her funds to her bank account before making all her bill payments. If she is getting NSF fees from her bank is her own fault. I would have done the same thing if I was in your situation. Keep us posted.
  9. I'm sure if your seller had been in your situation she would have been in the same panic.
    At least you had good reason to contact PP and it was not out of dishonesty, you have to cover yourself as $1000 is a lot to lose. Pay no attention to her threats and sit tight until the package arrives.
    I wonder why your seller's account is NARU?

  10. according to her explanation to me, she voluntary close up her ebay account coz of her boyfriend hacking her account and since she had sold most of her stuff on ebay ( w/c i don't see any selling item except for the bag that i had purchase ) and don't want to deal anymore w/ ebay and paypal they did nothing but trouble:rolleyes::nogood: to her , the fact is she have only 7 feedback and been registered april of this year. but my question is why after i send the payment thats the time she close up her account . think to me that iwas stupid:noggin:idea and that makes me feel fishy about it. i send her email couple times that assuring her that i will reverse the payment once i got the itemy and i'm not trying to take advantage and scam her. so i'll wait and ignore her while she keeps on harrassing me by calling non stop.:cry:
  11. You did absolutely the right thing. No one is going to protect YOU but YOU, and 1000.00 is way too much money to lose to a scammer. I'd have done the same thing. She may not be a scammer but there is no way for you to know that. If & when the bag arrives and its as described, she can get paid. :okay:
  12. I think you did the right thing, and do NOT close your Paypal dispute until you've got the bag. Like Court said, it can't be re-opened once you've closed it.

    I don't want to pass judgement on whether she's telling the truth or not, but if she is telling the truth, I can understand why she is making those threats (not that it's right to do so). If she's a honest seller, she's probably freaking out too, thinking that she's out of money and bag, and that maybe you're trying to scam her instead! lol!!

    Don't worry about the threats, and hopefully all works out well for the both of you. keep us posted!

  13. peppy

    i understand her concern , but i'm not that kind of a person to take advantage, you know what , you are right :yes:, thats what she is thinking about me, in fact, she said that i'm the one who was trying to scam her.:cursing::wtf:.but hey, i'm just covering my ASS :smartass:i have been scam before and i won't let this things happen to me again:nogood:. i'm just learning my lesson from the past experience:lecture:, i hope and pray that i will get real item. i''ll keep you guys posted, so will see in the next 7 days:sweatdrop:
  14. you were right to do what you did - it is totally fishy to close the account just after you send your payment. you don't know if the bag is not a fake? don't close the dispute, as you don't know what is going on at the moment. good luck
  15. okey here is the update.. this morning i receive from her . she send me an paypal invoice that i need to pay her an additional fee of ff breakdown:
    30 for overdarft fee
    34 dolla extra in shipping
    51.13 for the 5% discount if i use the paypal
    25.00 0n a return bill
    11.00 for another returned bill
    and if i don't pay this w/in 48 hrs of confirmation of thedelivery. if not she will sue me for the damages plus court cost according to the advice of her lawyer.
    what the F!!! is this lady crazy of what. think i should block her email addresss coz she keep on sending me a threat.

    do we have any lawyer here? m'i responsible to all what she said, i know so far i have not done anything wrong except to protect myself. i'mso furious w/ thiswacko lady .