Need Opinion please...

  1. Ok, I am wanting a "new" LV.. doesn't have to be brand new, pre-loved condition will work. In any case... I want the Damier but not the light Azur. Need opinions on bag styles. Would you go with the Speedy 30 or the Marias (bucket) style. I have found several Speedy 25's but they just look too small. I could always go w/ the Alma also. Didn't want to go up too much in price range as this would be just an 'extra' purse. Thanks for the input!:confused1:
  2. I think any of those bags would be great choices! What bags do you currently have? Do you prefer shoulder bags or handbags? Finally, how much stuff do you carry?
  3. I'd go with the Speedy since you can zip it, the Marais is nice but it's open.
  4. Hmmm... I traditionally carry shoulder bags so I did find an MPRS seller selling a strap for the Damier Speedy. I have an Epi speedy and Noe, a Vuitton Cup shoulder bag, and the rest are all monogram canvas... looping, drouot, ellipse, babylone, cabas alma, batignolles horizontal, and ummm... oh an Amfar Three... oh yeah, have a multicolore speedy 30 too in black. So, this would just be an addition... I want something in Damier and want a blue Epi, can't decide between styles on the blue either.

    And I do buy small bags then find they are always "too small" and end up selling them. I carry everything all the time w/ me. I think I may buy the speedy 30 from exlux since I cannot find one on eBay.
  5. Since you seem more interested in shoulder bags, I think the bucket would be nice. I personally am not too fond of the shoulder strap on a speedy. You seem to like tote bags (since you have the cabas and BH and babylone). Although the bucket is open, I think the shape is fun! But the good part of it being open is that everyone can see the gorgeous red lining! Plus, you already have an Alma and Speedy, so it might be nice to switch it up and get a different style!
  6. The Speedy is always a great choice...but I saw a gal the other day with a Damier bucket (small) with a scarf tied on it and it/she looked fab!!! I have been contemplating adding that to my wish list!!!!
    I never consider (maybe I'm a naive stay at home mom!) whether it has a zipper, I almost prefer open, so I can just throw things in it!!!
    Good luck with your choice!!:smile:
  7. the bucket is cute :greengrin:
  8. since you have alot of shoulder bags i think it'll be good for you to get an alma. it'll be different.
  9. sounds like you've already got a couple of speedies... so maybe you can consider the damier alma... it is very pretty... i am not normally an alma fan but i saw it irl and it's gorgeous!
  10. Thanks all! Yeah, I have the MC Speedy 30 and then an Epi Speedy 30 in Mocha. So, guess I will go w/ either the bucket or the Alma.
  11. I have the Marias (the bucket) I got it "pre-loved" and it is one of my least favorite LV bags. And it is not because it is "pre-loved" a lot of my LV's are "pre-loved". I find it way to small for what I carry. I usually carry a Pochette, a Cles, a Koala wallet, a Ipod and my cell phone. The Pochette alone takes up almost the whole purse. I do not find it that comfortable to carry either since the bottom is so structured. I don't like that I can't get to things on the bottom very easy. I think I have only used a couple of times. I am so glad I did not pay retail for it.

    How about a Saleya????
    I just got a "pre-loved" Azur Saleya MM and I LOVE it. Maybe go for the PM if you are looking for more of a hand bag.
  12. In damier ebene I prefer the bucket.
  13. I actually looked at the Saleya but was concerned it looked too much like my looping, babylone, and now cabas alto... ugh, now I am sooo confused! lmao....
  14. Speedy 30!! Love the bag!!!
  15. Out of the ones you named, I like the bucket best.