Need Opinion ,please.

  1. What do you think of :


    and which is your favorite brand? and why? :rolleyes:
  2. I don't have favorite brands, I have favorite designs. So, I can't give my opinion unless we're talking about a specific bag. Out of those, BV probably has the most designs I like.
  3. I love LV. It's by far my favorite brand. The quality is top notch, and there are items available in a wider range of prices than some of the other brands you mentioned.

    Chanel makes some gorgeous bags, but some of the styles are a bit too conservative for me. I am not at the point of paying $1000+ on a bag yet either. I am getting an LV Batignolles Horizontal (which is $710). That'll be the most expensive bag I have ever owned.

    Bottega bags are also gorgeous. They're great if you want a "stealth wealth" type of bag too. However, they are WAY out of my price range.

    I am not very interested in Balenciaga. I never got in the motorcyle bag trend.

    Chloe never really interested me either.

    Some of the Prada leather bags look really nice, but again out of my price range. The bags in my range are all nylon. I don't like nylon bags.
  4. LV-genius marketing, many styles overpriced; appeals to the most people; trendy luxury
    Chanel--classic styles not just for older women; appealing to younger women too; says luxury
    Bottega--understated luxury; fine leathers and beautiful colors; don't see carried that often
    Balenciaga--soft leathers and beautiful colors; takes a lot of study/knowledge to be an informed owner; trendy luxury
    Chloe--don't know anything about this designer
    Prada--again, great marketing; appeals to all ages; IMO overpriced; I either love their designs or intensely dislike them

    BV is by far my favorite, but I don't love every design--just most of them lol!

    Vicky, are you going to share your views, too?
  5. LV -> Too many fakes
    Chanel -> for a classic girl like me. =)
    Bottega -> not my style
    Balenciaga -> also not my style
    Chloe -> baby dollish. but i prefer their shoes.
    prada -> love it but something about it keeps me from not buying it..
    my fave brand? It's Chanel. :biggrin:
  6. LV- Don't really like it. I only like the damier azur print(sorry if I spelled that incorrectly). Otherwise too many times I think it just looks like plastic
    Chanel- I love some designs, hate others. Not so much a fan of the quilti-ness
    Bottega-Gorgeous, way over my head in price though.
    Balenciaga-I really like them, their size, colors, simple yet bold statements.
    Chole- Love some styles, like the Paddington and Bay, others could go without but overall like them the best.
    Prada- Eh, don't really like them, prefer their miu miu line.

    Also, I have yet to own any of these bags since I'm young, strapped for cash, and just started collecting so these are purely on looks and what I've felt in stores! :amuse:
  7. For me too it is design and a particular model that will attract me and I can think of some bags by all these designers that I like, but my overall impression is very similar to Boxermom except for me Chloe = heavy and overdone style, but that is very unfair being as I could name at most 4 styles. Balenciaga too seems too edgy and young for me, but I have seen some amazing bags that are far removed from the city, motorcycle, twiggy etc. I love some LV - the lockit, Passy, Epi range on the whole but loathe monogrammed bags. Chanel has recently captivated me with the Ultimate Soft but on the whole I don't like the very quilted look especially with large logos and finally Prada has some amazing leather bags, but I hate the nylon/fabric ranges. So, basically I don't know!
  8. Chanel
  9. LV?

    Used to love it... that changed in 'liking' it... I still love the look of many bags and styles, but they don't work for me. All of my LV's are waiting in the closet most of the time and I actually switched to a much cheaper brand which I like way better at the moment.


    Not for me. Only very few bags I would carry.


    Not my taste.


    Love it!


    Depends on the bag... Paddington f.e. is not for me... I really like the Edith and Betty, though...


    Most of their bags = nay. Same as Chanel.
  10. :tup:

    For my opinion:

    LV - I think LV is OK for me. It is one of my favorite as I consider it cheap enough for me to buy but some model look ugly to me ( I will not give an example coz I think it is ugly but someone may like it so it depends on individual).

    PS: I hate those brown monogram canvas bag. I didn't hate logo bag but I LV monogram is ugly for me.

    Anyway, I never paid too much for LV. If I have to spend like $1500, I always choose something else.

    Chanel - This is my most favorite brand :heart:. I love since costume jewelry to bags (but not clothes as they are horrible expensive). Anyway, I haven't got so much Chanel bags as the price is quite high.

    PS: I still didn't fall in love with Classic Flap style which most of Chanel fans have it ( I think). :supacool:

    BV : I was so in love with the quality of soft leather! I own one bag in Baby Pink color and it's sooooo cute. Anyway, never use it and it is still sitting in my closet. I am afraid it will be dirty. :okay:

    PS: BV leather bags are all light weight and very comfy to carry.

    Chole: I like some of the styles especially EDITH but couldn't resist with those horrible weight of the bag.

    PS: I will consider buying it if it is on a hugh sale :roflmfao:

    Balenciaga is quite nice for me but again I will never have money left for it after buying LV and Chanel. I will absolutely buy it if am more richer (lol). :rolleyes:

    PS: The weight of Balenciaga bags are light too and leather is nice.

    Prada is too over priced and I think lately it is not so hot like in the past as I saw a very quite sale in the boutique and just only 10 people walk in. I don't know about the US. :sad:

    How can I forgot a Gucci brand??

    Gucci for me is so-so as I will buy it when only on sale period. I will never bought it at full price.

    I am not a fan of the IT bags and am asking the question as I wanna know how many type of people think about the bag. I assume that the IT bag fan will not be a big fan of LV and Gucci (not sure about chanel). they tend to be fans of Chole, Balenciaga, or etc.:rolleyes:

  11. :tup::tup::tup: I like all your answers
  12. LV = love it, specially damier ebene and vernis pomme and amarante, but wouldnt buy MC or Suhali. MC coz the colour dont work for me, and Suhali coz... well I just dont really like Suhali.

    Chanel = not very familiar coz dont have chanel in my city, but, found out some of their designs are cute and classy. Will consider to buy if i found the perfect one.

    Bottega = LOVE IT !!! ADORABLE leather, best of all, boutique in my city charge pretty much the same if I buy it somewhere else, unlike LV which will charge me the bag plus cost ticket plane to Singapore or KL. Right now am waiting for the perfect colour of Venetta/Campana (to match my skin and wardrobe)

    Balenciaga = love it, consider to buy it if i found the right colour.

    Chole = not really. Their bag didnt speak so much to me.

    Prada= i dont really like it all. Love their miu miu line though.

    Most of all i must say, well thight between LV and Bottega. Love BV coz their leather is soooo georgeous, and love LV because (1) low maintenance (my throw-away bag) and (2). still give a professional statement.
  13. LV-too often carried by everyone-and most often faked! I do think the Epi line is nice though.
    Chanel-lovely, but overpriced in my opinion!
    Prada-like their classic leather-simple styles-the Gauffre not so much...
    Chloe-have bought three different styles and sent them back-too clunky. But I am awaiting the lambskin Ava which is squishy and soft-I buy them only on sale though!
    BV-stunning! Love their leather so squeezably soft! Only own one, but would LOVE to own more!
    Balenciaga-nice to look at-but again-I feel they are overpriced. I own a Belen Echandia bag that I paid half of a Bbag-and the leather and quality is just as soft as the Bal bags I've handled!
  14. Thanks guys for your answers :smile:
  15. LV - I know that many girls out there like it, and I hope no one takes offense, but I think it's very "seen" nowadays (at least in my area) and have never liked the monogram. Probably the only style I'd ever buy would be the Epi, but haven't quite gotten around to it.

    Chanel - I love most of the designs although it has its bad days, as anything else. I think they're very timeless and classic.

    Bottega - I knew BV through this site. I must say it's STUNNING. I have yet to see a BV that I don't like. They all look exquisitely made and buttery soft. I'd kill for a boutique or at least a counter here!

    Balenciaga - I love the Motorcycle in all its variations, but I see it more as a casual, everyday bag.

    Chole - I'm not particularly fond of the bags, although I really like the clothes! Very simple yet original, with a bit of geekiness which I simply love.

    Prada - I'll pass. Definitely not for me.