Need opinion on this..

  1. My friend was having some unexplainable cramps and bleeding after she goes running/work out. She went to go consult a clinic to get checked out. While she was getting checked, as they inserted the instrument to open up the vagina, my friend screamed and started crying in pain. The doc did not stop, instead she told her " let me switch to a smaller one". Without warning, she inserted the 2nd instrument and my friend told the doc that it was still REALLY painful for her and she was crying and screaming.

    After that, my friend was in major pain and shock. Shes been to the gyne before years ago but she said it was not anything like that.

    At the end of the exam, the doc insisted on saying " know, next time if you were sexually active, that would make it much easier for me.":wtf:

    Was that even appropriate for her to say?

    My friend is 21 and still a virgin.

    After she left the clinic, she told me that she feels like she just paid someone to basically RAPE her.

    My friend then later finds out that the "doc" was not an actual doc, but she was a mid-wife.

    Is this even allowed? Not only did she not stop after my friend told her it was HURTING ( while crying & screaming) , but shes not even a gyne.

    Not even just that, but she also said that the lady was even wearing ACRYLIC nails.

    I don't know if I am missing something or do not know, but can anyone tell me if something was wrong there?

    Thanks in adv for any opinions on this.
  2. She should put in a complaint. I think (not completely sure) that a mid-wife can do exams like that but the comments and manner of doing things were uncalled for and a complaint is completely justify and may make it so someone else does not have the same experience with this so called health care professional.

    I am going into healthcare and it really irks me when people like this work with the public.

    I feel very bad for your friend.
  3. Can she please go to an MD, an actual GYN, immediately!?!

    Wether or not she has been sexually active or not, there should NOT be pain as described.

    PLus the bleeding is very suspicious. Is it spotting between periods or blood loss.

    I really think she needs to go to a certified gynecologist ASAP & tell them of her previous experience & the pain associated w/ it.
  4. This may not be a gynecological issue, but instead a stomach or intestinal issue. She should get herself to an MD for a proper diagnosis.
  5. I had the same issue when I began working out. It happened for a month. I called my Dr's office and they told me to wait two more weeks. The bleeding stopped and I became regular. When the body is stressed from working out that can happen. The thing that concerns me is the pain she is feeling during the exam.

    hate to say it but I will NEVER EVER go to another female OBGYN because I had a few of the same experiences. The woman are rough and less than tactful. I once had a woman Dr. tell me to relax because I was too tight. OMG. I have NEVER had a male OBGYN speak to me like that!!
  6. OMG!thats horrible!what place did she go to....??oy!
    make her go to a REAL doc.....or have her go to the ER if the bleeding and pain worsens..Poor hting.when its all taken care..she needs to write a nasty letter to that clinic!Good luck!
  7. what???/ the lady basically suggested she should have sex so it would be easier for her????? i think I have heard it all now. this is about as off to me as to just keep going when she is in pain.

    I would definitely put in a complaint - not everyone chooses the same lifestyle so that isn't even appropriate advice. next time she will say that to an underage teenager???? and she obviously isn't very good at her job.
  8. That is awful. She should definitely put in a complaint. I have a tilted cervix which makes it more painful than average women. The lady should not be in health care and talking to people like that.
  9. Thats disgusting!!! PUT IN A COMPLAINT ASAP!!! BTW she should get checked out right away from her problems it could be nothing but that happened to one of my friends and it was very bad
  10. Wow that sounds terrible and completely unprofessional. Your friend has every right to be unhappy about this.
  11. Thanks guys, I'm going to pass these responses onto my buddy.
  12. how horrible! I'd definitely urge her to make a complaint.
  13. Absolutely appalling! She should put in a complaint. This "health profesional" should, as a woman, know this type of exam is embarrassing and uncomfortable and should have put your friend at ease rather than treating her so poorly. Some people have no concept of acceptable conversation and her comment about sex were very inappropriate.