Need opinion on this new Kate Spade bag...

  1. I usually hang out at the Coach subforum as I love Coach but I'm also open to other handbag brands. I really don't collect a lot as I prefer to use one to two bags a season so when I purchase a bag, I really have to be sure about it. I've been searching for a lightweight slim leather bag and I happened upon this new Kate Spade bag at the Nordstrom website. I am loving how it is so slim and also the topstitching. Anyone seen this IRL or have this already? Even if you don't own this yet, what do you think of it? I've never tried Kate Spade so I'm also not familiar with the quality of the brand.

    P.S. here is the link to the Nordstrom site.
    Kate spade.JPG
  2. i never see this bag IRL but i like the style
    i think it's very versatile and elegant

  3. I like it, tastefully simple. I only have one Kate Spade. It's held up pretty well over the years.
  4. It would probably be very useful.k

    I've had one Kate Spade, in my life, and the quality has been good.
  5. Looks like a great bag to me! I have a number of kate spades and love them. I have handled this Serena leather at the outlet store, very nice. Love the shape and size and lining! The bags tend to be light weight, a plus.
  6. It you're looking for a simple, elegant black bag, this one would be perfect.
  7. I like it. Its a classic and you could use it for years.
  8. Thanks for the positive opinions on this! I might just take the plunge and buy it. I miss using lightweight bags, too and if this is lightweight leather, I'm definitely for it.
  9. I like the clean lines of Kate Spade. I have a bunch. I'm guessing you'll be happy with this bag.