Need opinion on these Marc Jacobs Metallic Boots

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  1. Hi, do any of you own these boots? I am just wondering the fit of these boots. Are they true to size? Do they look big or loose on the legs? What do you think of these boots? Thanks much for your opinion. Greatly appreciate it.

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  2. i think they are cute, not really my style, but i definitely like them. i'm a huge marc jacobs fan, and i find that his stuff tends to go with everything too.
  3. 0o0o, BOOTS! I think they look great! :nuts: I quite like them!
  4. in they have the marc jacob boots on sale, in anthracite too! i was thinking, oooo they would match my anthracite paddy! lol, over kill yah? but luckily or not, they didnt have my size, but worth checking out, IMO.
  5. I love the boots. I don't know about how the boots fit, but I have a pair of MJ flats and I had to go up a whole size. I wear a 9, and I had to get a 40, which is a 10. You could check on and see if they carry the boots. If so, someone may have reviewed them regarding size, etc.
  6. Well, I just checked, and it looks like you got the photo from zappos. And, no one has reviewed them yet, so I guess that wasn't too helpful after all. Sorry I couldn't be of more help!
  7. Thanks so much for all your help..... I am still deciding....
  8. They are baaaad! I love them!!
  9. Thumbs Up!