Need opinion on these Marc by Marc Jacobs Patent Shoes

  1. [​IMG]

    What do you guys think of these shoes? They are 50% off original price. Worth it?
  2. Worth it at a 50% discount, IMO. Those are a great classic shape with a twist.
  3. I have those in black and i love them! They were surprisingly comfy.
  4. They're beautiful!
  5. I've seen these IRL, they're pretty, good investment for 1/2 price. The heel is too low for my liking though...
  6. Yes, that's my concern too. I like high heel.

    AND thanks everyone for your opinion.

    Should I get these in black instead???
  7. where are they half off? My friend has them without the strap she told me theyre uncomfortable
  8. :tup: for style and color, but I agree with Malaya ^^...Every MJ patent shoe I've owned has been really uncomfortable.
  9. I saw them at DSW. I decided to buy the black ones. I think the black is more stunning than beige in patent leather.
    They are pretty comfy to me. I agree that they aren't as comfy as the regular leather ones.
  10. I own some MBMJ patent shoes with a similar heel but they have a pointy toe. I think they are really comfy and the quality is really nice. I just had to go up a full size with them.

    I tried a very similar peep toe without the strap and I liked it too but they didn't have the color I liked in my size. I think they are cute. It depends on what you wear but I think black patent will have more staying power since it's not as trendy as the colored patent.
  11. I guess I'd have to see them on, but just looking at them does nothing for me. That strap going across is the turn off for me.
  12. i dont know...i have the patent pumps with a taller heel in 2 colors...i put foot petals in them and it did make a difference, but i didn't find them to be very comfortable, and they were painful without the foot petals!
  13. Those are nice. Interesting color too.
  14. Half off! Wow, buy them you can't go wrong with a great pair of shoes like those!
  15. I think they are cute but i would need to see them on your foot. but for 50% off, i think that are super cute!