Need opinion on Scarf color...

  1. [​IMG]Pommegranate

    [​IMG]REgular Nova Check


    I am going this weekend and trying to get a nice scarf for spring (this one is thin and can double duty as a shaw. Trying to get one that will match most colors :smile:

    Thanks for the help!
  2. i like the regular novacheck :smile:
  3. the trend red/scarlett is a nice change from the novacheck.. but I'd pick the regular novacheck over the pomegranate for sure.. it just doesn't send me that burberry classy feeling.
  4. The regular nova check will probably go with the most outfits, but I really like the pommergranate.
  5. Yeah I like the regular novacheck but it seems like everyone has the novacheck color :smile: Trying to be different but still burberry-ish ;)
  6. Love the regular Nova Check! Yes, I agree that it is very popular but the scarf style is awesome! Looks more like a wrinkly/ pleated look - can that be worn as a shawl?
  7. Its not super wide but its thin enough to be a spring/summer scarf.
  8. I love the regular nova check - it's timeless!
  9. Nova check all the way!
  10. That's a tough call- I really like all of them! For fall, I would've said the pommegranate, but I think the the trench red would be best for spring (the nova is nice but personally I'm just so tired of seeing it over and over again).