Need opinion on Nile Minaudiere mini

Sep 19, 2010
Hello lovely ladies

I have never had Chloe bag before so this is my first purchase.

After being on waitlist for so long on many sites, I received an alert not long ago that there's a last piece on stock at mytheresa....

In my excitement, I didn't check the dimension and quickly completed the checkout as there have been so many occassions that the item I wanted got sold out when I was completing checkout.

Now that the order was confirmed, I had a better look of the dimension and was left mortified to see that it wasn't what I thought it was...

I was mistaking mini for small!

Looking at the dimension, I see that it won't even fit my iphone 7.

Does any of you have this in mini? If so what do you use it for? How do you carry your phone if it doesn't fit?

I know that item is not yet dispatched so I can try to cancel it.

Appreciate your feedback.


Feb 23, 2017
I just realized there were two different sizes until I saw the prices. The mini can fit in the palm of your hand very, very tiny. The small looks like it can hold your cell phone. I am starting to see more colors for the minaudiere.


May 2, 2016
When I was Harrods a few weeks ago, the SA there told me that there are two sizes for the Half-Moon Chloe Nile. One is the Minaudiere that is on their website (six circular rivets on the front) and the other is the smaller version (four circular rivets on the front) which doesn't even fit a cell phone! She didn't have the extra mini for me to see, but she had a "floor model" of the regular minaudiere and it fit my iPhone 7 with room to spare for lipstick and a few other essentials. She said that the extra mini is really just good for lipstick and not practical at all. Good luck!


Jun 11, 2013
Yea the extra mini is still gorgeous but it's really not a handbag, stick it out for the small! I'm obsessed with mine, you won't be disappointed [emoji111]