Need opinion on my next LV.


Damier Illovo or Croissant Pochette

  1. Damier Illovo PM

  2. Monogram Croissant Pochette

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  1. Well, it seems like I can't keep up with my 2007 new year resolution with no LV for this year:graucho:.

    Anyways, I am now eyeing either the PM Illovo or Croissant Pochette. I know eventually if I will probably get both but I like to get some opinion on these 2 bags.

    I don't own any Damier and that is the only pattern Illovo comes in but I love getting the monogram just to have the strap turn patina.

    What do you ladies think?
  2. I'm biased as I prefer Damier. Also, the shape of the Illovo appeals to me more.
  3. I agree. The Croissant isn't as apealling to me for some reason.
  4. Love them both.. Sorry I am not much help
  5. I prefer the damier.
  6. Damier gets my vote.
  7. i'd go for the damier if i were you. my auntie had one but she said she never seem to like it
  8. Post pics.
  9. I just made my decision and it will be the Illovo. I just realized that I have several purses in that similar style.
    So I guess I can't go wrong, besides it will be my first damier!!!!! Oh no, now I will need a matching wallet.
  10. Great you've decided on Illovo, which would be my vote as well.;) Congrats in advance and yes, you definitely need a matching wallet.:graucho:
  11. Congrats on your choice, I love damier!

    Now, which wallet....?
  12. Both are great choices really....I personally like the shape of the Croissant but pattern wise...they are both great....

    Post pics when you get it!!!!
  13. I love damier so i would say the illovo xx
  14. Not to found of the Croissant shape, so Illovo gets my vote.
  15. i love them both...haha