need opinion on fendi

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  1. I bought this bag from Bloomingdales for a super good deal, $340, original $850, but i'm not so sure if i want to keep it. what do you all think? it has both brown and black, which is nice because i can wear it with both colors. also, i can take the strap off and use it as a clutch. i don't have that many bags because i have a hard time picking one out. i have two other louis vuittons and that's it. the bag is beautiful in real life...i'm just not sure if i am a big fendi fan.

    do you think i should keep it?
  2. lawgirl, Welcome! Looks like a great bag to be worn in the evening but it's not considered a great price if you don't love it! A bag you love is one you will not need anyones approval of! I don't know if I helped, but my advice is to keep it only if you love it, regardless of who designs it!
  3. If you're not in love with it, don't keep it. It will just end up sitting in your closet unused. It's not a good deal if it you don't use it.
  4. I too agree with the above posters. If you are having second thoughts about it don't keep it because you will most likely not end up using it at all.
  5. I quite like it, but as others have said if you arent completely happy with it then dont keep it. Get something you will love and use.
  6. I am not un love with it, but that doesn't matter. If you love it--keep it. Sounds like you are having second doubts though.