Need Opinion on Expandable Flap

  1. I'm thinking about getting the expandable flap.What do you all think?I'm in my early 20s and I'm afraid it might look too old for me no?No offense to any of you who already own one :smile:.Is it a classic timeless bag?I like big bag like it and I saw some modelling pictures in the reference thread and I think it looks really good......can't decide!
    The most important thing though is.....should I save up for the red reissue instead?

  2. I think it would look great, its quite age appropriate to :biggrin: It looks great on scarlett J :biggrin: lol
  3. The Expandable Flap is a great bag! I love the look of the zipper across the bottom. It is a very cool, edgy bag. In fact, it's the only Chanel bag that I have ever bought that my designer-bag hating sister has loved. I'm not that much older than you, and I think that it is not a matronly bag at all.
  4. I think it's a cute bag, get it!
  5. Do you have a picture?
  6. Which season is this bag from??
  7. oooh thats the expandable tote.. have it in red and loooove it... think it was 2295 or something like that.. not sure when it came out .. may have been from fall/winter '06-'07?? not sure if there are any left -- i liked it so much i wanted it in another color
  8. i'm one of the few who thinks the expandable is a nay.. :tdown: even though im not a fan of reissues too, i think u should go for the reissure instead! :smile:
  9. I adore the expandable ligne.
  10. I have the expandable flap and love it. I'm a bit older, but it's also a bag that my younger sister sneaks out of my closet quite a bit. Mine's white and still makes my heart skip a beat when I take it out of the bag.
  11. I'm older also and I have the expandable flap and the expandable tote pictured above. Love them both!