Need Opinion on Clear bags

  1. What do you think about clear bag? Is it safety to use? :confused1:
  2. Personally I don't care for them.
    They remind me of the handbags you have to use while working in casinos!
  3. I think they're good for the beach but other than that I find them tacky :push:
  4. I agree. My bag is always a little messy with receipts, change, etc. wouldn't want everyone seeing my personal things.:yes:
  5. I'm personally not a fan... and my bags get kinda messy since I just randomly throw things into them :shame:, so I wouldn't want the whole world to see! But if you like them, that's all that matters!
  6. :yucky: Not a big fan of the naked bags.
  7. other than for the beach or for supplies for my pet whilst traveling?
    tacky as all get out.
    you had better be airport personnel or a cosmetic artist at a make up counter that makes you bring those to work if you are going to carry one!
  8. TACKY and hideously overpriced. The Chanel naked bag should be FREE with every Chanel purchase. The flap should not be $895!!!! Man, it pisses me off when they make stupid bags like that,
  9. I don't really care for them either although I've seen some beautiful rain collections from Dior.
  10. Would make a nice beach bag... overly priced beach bag, but other than that, i dont like them.
  11. although i found some nice clear bag from chanel, i personally won't use them..
    my bag is very messy inside and i think it would distract too much attention on my wallet, cell phones and agenda.
  12. They're different but I really wouldn't want everyone seeing everything I'm carrying. That was one reason I never liked LV's Ambre line.
  13. I don't care for them really. BF's mom is a special ed teacher and she loves clear totes cause she can see what's inside and it saves her time digging into the tote for what she needs.
  14. I can't even imagine wearing a see-through purse, no matter how many logos are splashed all over it. It's just plain tacky and cheap-looking!