Need Opinion on Botkier Bombay Leather

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  1. Hi Ladies!

    For some reason I am LUSTING after a Botkier Bombay's an older purse but I love the hobo style.

    I've seen the newer Botkier Cairo Hobo at Nordstrom's and find the Cairo and its leather to be a little "stiff".

    Does anyone have the Bombay Hobo and if so, is the leather more supple? Has it worn well? I've read some horror stories about Botkier leather here on the Forum.

    Also, is there a difference between the Bombay Hobo and the Bombay Tote? I don't know why I fall in love with these older styles!

    Any opinions would be appreciated!

  2. I have a Bombay Satchel (in the rust-type color). It has held up well, though because it is so heavy with all the studs and tassel and studded straps, I don't carry it a whole lot, though I do love it. The leather is in no way soft and supple like, for instance, Bulga or my Bacas. The leather is heavy duty and because of the shape, it works. I just weighed it with all my stuff and it comes in at 6 lbs, which is a lot to carry while shopping. I don't know the differences between tote & hobo (sorry) but I do love my satchel and it gets tons of compliments. Good Luck in your search--I see them come up on eBay every so often. One thing to notice, and I don't know if this is a way to id fakes or not, but my authentic Bombay has double studs on the straps and of course, the Botkier imprints on the lining. I have seen single stud rows on the straps on eBay but don't know if this means 'fake' or not.
  3. I can't blame's a stunning style. Like kemilia said, in no way is the leather soft and supple, but it works with the style of the bag. Good luck!
  4. Thanks Ladies! I cannot believe that bag weighs in at 6 pounds! YIKES!

    I went ahead and bought a midnight blue one off eBay...price was too good...$299 BIN.

    I see what you mean Kemilia, I've seen the satchels with double studs and some of the hobos with double studs. Bag Borrow or Steal has the same midnight blue hobo and it only has the single row of studs, same as the one I bought.

    I am crossing my fingers it is a legit bag!

    So, I guess I'll expect Botkier "stiff" leather! Maybe that will help the bag hold up longer!!!