Need Opinion on a Twilly Bag

  1. I need to know what you ladies think on this bag.
    My SA called and said that they have the color (red) that I wanted.
    It is made of lambskin which is so soft and like,
    My worry is the scratch factor.
    What do you think?
  2. What is a twilly bag?
  3. Well, that was what the SA called it.
    It looks like a Garden party but all leather and has matching Twilly to tie onto the bag.
    I am not so good with names of different Hermes bags.
  4. Gosh, never seen one of those, do you have a pic?
  5. All I can say is that is a smaller version of the Garden party and is made of lambskin (at least that is what my SA said).
    [​IMG] looks like this. Got thie picture when I googled for it.
  6. BSL, you want to doublecheck that. I think it may be Swift that those bags are made of. Lambskin is usually reserved for the lining of bags and small accessories because it's so soft.
  7. You may be right. When we were talking the only thing that stuck to me was when she mentioned lambskin and becasue it was so soft, that was the only thing that came to mind.
    What do you think of it?
    Is it a good everyday bag even though it is a soft leather?
  8. For good everyday bag, one that you don't have to worry much and can throw about, I prefer the toile/leather Garden Parties. It's on my list of "to-get" items.. maybe closer to Christmas:smile:)
  9. BSL, I went to check something and it may indeed be lambskin. Well, it is very soft and can scratch, but the light scratches can be rubbed out.
  10. It's very soft but my SAs have always said it's calfskin. :shrugs: I love this bag! It depends on how hard you are on your bags. The lining is silk so if you are careful it would be ok but if you are tough on your bags it would get beat up in a hurry! :lol: They are so cute! I really want one but SF never has them. :Push:
  11. ^^^ I forgot about that silk lining.
    They are really nice and my SA said that they only have about 4 of the red ones that came in. I think it is better in this color because it would really pop.
    The drk brown and black look a little dull but excellent contrast to the twilly.
  12. CB, the calfskin makes more sense.

    BSL, ask your SA to be sure about the leather.
  13. I adore them, but I use my GP to just chuck stuff in (with two kids, that's plenty of stuff!) so I would absolutely ruin the silk lining if I had one...but they ARE cute!

    Like Sue, I prefer the canvas/leather combo, too.
  14. I'm with you, K and Sue as well. It is my carry-all, shopper bag now. So, the canvas/leather combo is simply perfect.