Need Opinion on a Sofa Cover Color!

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  1. Okay so I just moved into a new apartment, which means decorating time :smile:

    We just bought a new couch:

    Do you girls think it's weird if the sofa portion was the dark blue color, but the chaise (the long piece) is white? But since the armrests go with the sofa, those would be blue as well. So the only white piece would be the chaise. Or should I just keep the whole thing one color?

    I saw a picture of some two-toned furniture in a catalogue and I thought it looked pretty cool - more modern.

    But i'm not sure if that's odd or not.

    Let me know what you girls think.

  2. I'm seeing two toned sofas a lot, even black leather bottoms and the cushions be tan, or brown or even a off white...apparently this two tone look is getting popular, so no i don't think it would look weird at all, i think it would just fit in with what i'm seeing a lot of in furniture stores.
  3. Thanks!!

    Anybody else have any thoughts on this?
  4. Not a fan of two toned sofas bt then again, I'm a boring person ! :P
  5. the two-tone would bother me, as would the dark color. i also had an ikea sectional, and chose to get all beige covers instead of mixing beige (the cover the chaise came with) and blue (the color of the one-arm loveseat part). it's a pricier option, but white would get dirty so easily, and blue shows fur (if that's a problem) very readily.
  6. I like the couch! :smile:

    How about putting a white bed sheet on it first to see if you like it that way? :smile:
  7. thanks girls for all the thoughts!

    That's a good idea Sternchen!
  8. I don't care for 2 tone. Looks like they ran out of fabric!
  9. You can always complement the white with similar blue pillows or throw. I think if it's dark blue, I might want to complement it with yellow or orange for the chaise longue.... if the white gets dirty, it will be very obvious I think?
  10. i think 2 tone is fine, but make sure white fits your lifestyle...