need opinion on a bag that can be used for multiple purposes..

  1. heres the deal all, im in a bit of a dilemma..

    im looking for a bag that i can go everywhere around- but NOT like a purse, im looking for something that will hold my samsung vsomething (the razr like phone), mini ipod, im buying a paul smith bifold, and thats slim like this:[​IMG][​IMG]a pencil case and a tampon zip up, both from lesportsac and small, a small notebook, and if possible but not a necessity but maybe a binder or two if possible.

    HERES THE CATCH- this would be the same bag i would take with me when i write in B&N or starbucks, AND MAJORLY will use to take around with me when i am in the UK for a month

    think you are up for the challenge?
  2. I'd say go for a LV cabas mezzo. It's a tote so you can fit all those items in it and also use it as a purse if you want. The Abbesses messenger bag would work too.
  3. hmm i should check that out, my only problem instantly is that im going to be traveling.. id ont know if i want to be carrying an lv everywhere with me, too risky?
  4. Could be. If you want something less risky I'd say to go for a Coach tote. They have so many wonderful choices in leather and signature.
  5. i was looking at paul smith today and these came to mind.. it was actually this blog that tuned me to him, with that awesome messenger cooper bag? but its out of stock from the link :sad: this is another prospect- though i dont think i would pay any more then this:
    [​IMG][​IMG]Paul SmithBespoke Small East/West Shoulder Bag$435.00
    [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]Paul SmithSmall Luggage Shoulder Bag$300.00
  6. there was another one, with a smaller mini cooper on the beach that now of all times i cant find..
  7. ahhh for the love of god i cant find it! its the size of the second one i posted, but with the mini cooper on it!
  8. [​IMG]
    [​IMG] here it is! but alas it JUST went out of stock! NOOOOOOOOOOO! :sad:
  9. I like Longchamp and Herve Chaplier totes. They travel really well, especially Longchamp since they fold up for storage. Both lines come in different sizes and colors.