Need opinion, gold or silver hardware for Stroke Me


Oct 12, 2007
Jackie, just emailed me saying that she would go with the gold on a petrol handbag, but, also seemed to like the silver if that's what I decided.

I was totally ordering the silver until I got the email saying I should reconsider for the gold.

Now, I"m really confused. Opinions once again ladies?
Wow. I think either would be gorgeous. Did Jackie say the gold would be better? She probably knows what would work best with each material, but you have to love it, too. Good luck.
Jackie mentioned that she's in the mood today for gold with the petrol, but that last season she used silver. So, I"m sure she likes it both ways.

Muse Ten has a picture of the petrol with both, I'm just not really good at judging by pictures.

I have the silver with black crash and love it and tend to wear more silver jewerly, platinum wedding band etc...

But, with Jackie saying go for the gold, has me wondering.....

Oh and to make matters more difficult, they told me at Muse Ten, silver looks better. Figures.
Jackie is making a subtle encouragement here to go with the gold. She was being polite saying that if you liked the silver, that would be fine too. If she says gold, I'd go with what she says.
Last month I had ordered the TMA in black. The website showed the bag with gold hardware. When I received the black TMA it had silver hardware. At first I thought it would be fine, as I have been wearing silver or platinum jewelry lately (not that the bag hardware has to match your jewelry!). But when I looked again at the picture on the BE website I could see that the gold hardware with the black bag made it look very warm compared to the silver hardware. I decided to return the black TMA based on that.

I just looked at the petrol TMA picture on the BE website (I couldn't find a picture of the petrol Stroke Me) and I think the gold hardware looks great with it.

Just my personal opinion. Like TejasMama said, "but you have to love it, too".
I have the Indulge Me in petrol with gold and I love it too. Like everyone says it needs to be your choice...for me..I think silver shows up so much more often on cheap bags...good gold hardware is harder to knock off so when I see it with fabulous leather I like it. My Marc Jacobs is black with gold and at first I thought I wouldn't like the gold but now I think it makes it that much richer feeling. I wear a lot of silver jewellry and never worry about matchy matchy..just too much fussiness for me. Hope that helps!
Thanks ladies for all the posts. That really helped. I decided on the gold.

Jackie just emailed me saying she thinks I made the right choice which is always nice for reassurance.

Now, the waiting begins. It looks like beginning of January. Yikes.

I'll keep everyone posted, I know she's doing her best to have it ship by Christmas.

Now, I"m really content with my BE collection which consists of a black crash LM, a petrol SM, aqua TMA, and a wine Angel Purse. Wow! I do believe I"m finally, done for quite awhile. Whew.