Need opinion: Charm Fuschia PTI, Cherry Blossom PTI or MC White PTI?

  1. Hi, I just met an-old-friend & we spent time to chat, etc then she looked & :heart: my Epi Lilac Horizontal Elastique wallet, I sold it to her but unfortunately, I forgot one important thing, I don't have another wallet :shame:

    I'm looking to buy one, which one you'll choose? Thanks for your opinion ;)
  2. i would do either a white MC, or the cherry blossom depending on which color combo. :biggrin:
  3. cherry blossom...
    and cerises...
  4. the charms wallet is NOT a pti, it's a porte-monnaie and I prefer porte-monnaie over PTI cuz PTIs are too "vertical" if you know what I mean....... Also, the charms has 10 CC slots.

    SS06.Charms.portemonnaie.jpg SS06.Charms.portemonnaie.insidetop.jpg
  5. Hi, thanks for your opinion :smile: what color of Cherry Blossom you prefer?
  6. You meant too long & big?
  7. i love with red sakura flower... but
    but this is nice too
  8. Yes, long, very long I find lol just compare the inside of the PTI (below) to the porte monnaie above (in my previous post)
    "big" as in width? lol.... PTI and porte-monnaie are about the same in width

  9. ITA with CEC.LV4eva---the porte-monnaie is more to my liking---- the PTI is more awkward/cumbersome with the way it opens and folds down....MO though....
  10. i like the white Multicolore wallet, and the Cherry Blossom wallet in the red/cream combination
  11. I :heart: ur charm fuschia porte-monnaie :yes: have you ever use it? It looks brand-new.

    I ever heard women talk about Charm Fuschia in salon, they all worried about peel on exterior surface :confused1: could it peel-off? Not sure...
  12. Ooh, CB red on cream :yes: but I only see in pink & worry about pink color... My CB pink papillon turn yellowish, thought it will happen to pink wallet, too? what do you think about it?
  13. I love the PTI..either organizer or the normal fold down style. I love how it keeps everything so organized. Out of the choices you posted, I'd get the Cherry Blossom one.
  14. It looks brand new cuz the day I bought it was the day I took pix of it, but still, I've used it 0 times lol.......:sweatdrop: So why did I buy it? :shrugs: I knew that I don't use wallets at all, but's pretty!
    As for peeling, I think those women at the salon don't know what they're talking about lol... maybe someone can explain to me how to peel off vinyl? lol Anyway, don't worry about the surface, it's very very strong and seems to be scratch-resistant.
  15. I like your Panda Murakami icon :smile: you create it?

    Anw, I see on brown & the price around $350. Is it cheap enough or expensive? Cherry Flowers get scuff