Need opaque black tights? Try these!

  1. I have to rave for Nordstrom's house brand "Opaque Control Top" panty-hose. They're only $10 and they're just great. Admittedly, the control top doesn't actually control a whole lot, but they're truly opaque. I've had a hard time finding opaque pantyhose and these are wonderful. Also, I've never had a pair of pantyhose that don't cause my clothes to cling but these don't do that at all!

    At just $10 a pop, it's worth it to just buy a pair rather than buying a bunch of drugstore tights in the hopes they'll turn out to be opaque (as I did -- I only got lucky once with a pair of Leggs I can now not find again).

    Just thought I would share.:heart:
  2. Thank you!
  3. ooo! i'm going to order two pairs! thanks annie!
  4. I never do drugstore tights.

    I usually buy them from VS but for the opaque legging looks, I just wear leggings (wool, cotton) from emanuel ungaro... I love his stuff.
  5. Ooooh, been looking for a good pair of tights, thanks! Especially since these don't cling, that is the worst. (Actually, what's worse is when they're so high in the waist that I have to practically yank them over my boobs!!)