Need only a little convincing from you experts to order Morning After bag.

  1. I'm definitely smitten with this bag, especially in the green, or grey colors. For those who have this bag, please share with me how you like it, what you use it for, colors you prefer, any cons to owning this bag and any other relevent info. I'm teetering on ordering one, but want to you consult you experts first. Thank you.
  2. FYI: There is going to be a RM sample sale in a couple of weeks and phone pre-orders will be taken.

    Check out the deals & steals forum for more information.
  3. Also, for all you experts, I see the bag is 9 inches in height. Do files and magazines fit easily in the bag? This is for work. Thank you.


    Thank you for the sample sale info!
  4. Well, I have the RM Matinee and I can vouch for the quality! Excellent bag! Leather is wonderful; it's got tons of pockets. I don't have a MA but I've seen one and it was a bit too large for me. I liked the mini better.
  5. I have a MA Mini. You can definitely fit a magazine into the Mini, because you can fold it over, not files though. You'd probably be better off with the regular MA bag if you have work stuff to regularly carry around, though I think I'd prefer a tote for that, to keep work stuff completely separate.
  6. i have the MA. i love this bag. it is so versatile, it looks great with almost anything i wear and is so sturdy. i have the navy color...i loveeee it and couldn't recommend it more!!!