Need Ollie info

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  1. Calling all Ollie owners, I need some feedback on this bag. I'm considering purchasing one, have it on hold at a great price. I've never see IRL, so what about the leather, weight, etc. Does it look rustic?? Just not sure, need some help!!:confused1: Thanks in advance.
  2. Hi there
    I have the Ollie large handbag. Its amazing to look at. Has ultrasoft distressed leather and isnt that heavy. Its weighty but nothing i cant handle.
    Im not sure many will like the inside lining as its not the normal. Its more of a flannel type with a pattern. My girlfield who wanted one was put off when she saw mine. Said it looked nothing like Chloe fabric.

    Anyway, i have one and i love it. Its got trend but its also a fun loving little number. Ollie is one to be looked at in the real to see if you like the leather. I do but ive met many that dont.
  3. Thanks mummy24, I appreciate the info, kinda thought that about the leather, that I really need to look at it to make a decision. May just go ahead and order it and ship it back if I don't like it. I found it for $769, which I think is a great price. Thanks again.
  4. Im sure you will love the leather on ollie. He is tactile to touch and looks so sexy. Its not an ugly leather at all. Its more like suede to look at and feels scrummy ultrasoft to touch. To me it feels like a peach.
    I got mine from Italy and it worked out they gave me a bigger discount than shown on the site. Mine worked out at £298.77p which included shipping to me in 16 hours by Fedex. They were amazing. the handbag was packed in a designer very hard wearing sterdy box, then wrapped in tissue and then tied with a ribbon. I was gobsmacked. It was like opening a gift. So what i paid for it would work out at $600 in your money.

    I took Ollie out today and so woman asked if she could have a look at it. Then to make matters worse she pointed out i still had the security returns tag still attched:wtf:. She laughed as much as i did. Then a sales girl asked if id like the tag removed. I could have died. But i got plenty of attention and loads of people asked who made the bag and where id got it from as it was stunning.

    Hun, im sure you will simply love Ollie and it wont be going back. I know you will get a lot of admiring glances and comments like i do when i have Ollie with me. My paddys get attention and my LE python gets attention but Ollie is a winner here in kent. If you want some close up photos of it i will do my best to help ok? Just ask.

  5. Wow, thanks, I'm going to order as soon as that west coast store that has it on hold for me opens...........I'm on the east coast. Sounds wonderful!!

    By the way, love the security tag story.........sounds like something I might do. Congrats on a lovely bag!!
  6. congrats on the great deals! i love the leather, definitely suedelike and distressed, and i actually think the lining is fun and different. also the handle drop is perfect for carrying on your shoulder, even with a coat. hope that helps...
  7. Thanks nycmom and mummy24 - your info is very helpful.
  8. I have brown and the black I love the leather but just a note of caution on the black it does have a blue tinge to it so I would go with the brown if i were you
    I'm sure you will love it though
  9. Thanks Jackie1, I did order the black and the SA did say it had the blue hue, but I'm ok with that, I tend to gravitate to black and brown--esp. brown, so something a little different might be a good thing. Definitely encouraging that you have 2, must be a great bag. Thanks for the info.:smile:
  10. There is a brown Ollie at the Nordstrom at South Coast plaza, for $769, brown color, in case anyone interested.
  11. Here is my Large Black Ollie. Isnt its just ultra sexy with all the studs going on:yahoo:. My hubby said its the harley davison of the handbag world:p.
    IMG_0643 (800 x 600).jpg IMG_0642 (800 x 600).jpg IMG_0644 (600 x 800).jpg IMG_0646 (600 x 800).jpg
  12. Congrats on your bag it is a beautiful bag, received mine yesterday, trying to make a decision whether or not it's for me. It definitely has a 'rock n roll/biker chic' feel to it. It is a different look for Chloe, but very nice and edgy. I have a Leatherlock bag that is very similiar, so I guess the question I need 2 so similiar?? Oh, decisions.....
  13. How did you get LVR to give it to you for that price (emphasis on word 'give'). Wonderful speed and packaging from them but kind of mysterious about shipping details I find. No sign of the promised tracking number but bag just turned up out of the blue.
  14. Im not sure at all why i got the bag so cheaply from LVR. Maybe they did a final discount as it was the last black one. I dont know and i dont care really. All i know is Ollie is super sexy and its a dream come true to get the bag at a good price.
    As for the tracking number. Well i got an email from LVR 2 hours after the bag was collected with the tracking number and a link to Fedex to follow it.
    By the time i got up it had left rome, been to paris, then onto stanstead london and had left there and been to maidstone. Then the message popped up it was on route for delivery with me by PM. Thing is it got to me early that morning AM. Less than 16 hours from leaving the store to getting to my door.
    The best service i have ever had and i will be buying from them again. Ive already shown hubby 2 of the Chloes i want for christmas so he had better work hard :yahoo:and raise the money,lol!
  15. Owwww Hun! Did you make your decision with the Ollie? Will you keep it? Im glad you agree ts a rock n roll biker kind of bag. If you have one similiar then you need to think hard and fast if Ollie is for you. If you send Ollie back maybe you can get another Chloe with a totally different look.
    I know the studded look is going to be really hot next year over here. We are always slow with our fashions but Kate Moss the super model has done a range at Topshop with studs and so has Mango Mng in Milan i noticed. I bought a few pieces and my girlfriends went wild over them as you cant get much like that over in the UK yet.

    Let me know what you will do over Ollie. Least if anyone asks about Ollie you can say you had one and what you thought of it.
    Have a great weekend