need of bag ideas!

  1. So I just read the post about the Vachetta on the Tivoli PM and i'm re-thinking purchasing it....I want something that's low maintance, but will last a long time...Any ideas? besides damier...i'm getting the trevi and koala wallet :biggrin:
  2. Epi is nice.. :tup:
  3. Any pieces you'd recommend?
  4. you can always spray the vachetta with protector :yes: Epi, Utah & Suhali are all vachetta free :graucho:
  5. love the suhali!
  6. ^ I LOVE the petit noe! It is my favorite bag style, tied with the speedy! It is just so comfortable, especially with the one shoulder strap...I hate when bags have 2 and one of them always falls off!
  7. I say go for something in Epi. The Jasmin, Montaigne Bowling or my personal fav...the Soufflot. :love:
  8. Suhali!
  9. epi petit noé is perfect for everyday! it's very confortable and not "petit", you can put lots of things in it! MOCA is a great color BTW
  10. I love the suhali line, then there's also the epi and mini lin.
  11. Epi, Mirage, Mini lin in ebene... have fun shopping.

    Oh! For Epi, what about the bowling montaigne(sp) I love the shape of that one!
  12. I would go with EPI or damier line, as both have no vachetta to worry about.
  13. Mini Lin by is the most durable bag I have. I have owned regular mono and some balenciaga and surprisingly the mini lin has held up the most PLUS no vachetta to worry about!!