Need New Wallet....Hmmmm

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  1. I have decided I need a new wallet. I am using my mom's Porte-Tresor International and I have the multicolor Koala. So I am looking for something different. I need something that I could put one photo in (of my fiance and kids) and about 10 credit cards and cash (obviously)!! I don't know what I want..I am poking around the Vuitton website and I was looking at the Monogram Vernis and the Mini Lin..You know something a little difference. What does everybody rec-o-mend?? Thanks!!
  2. It's cute...Hmmm...So you think that mono on mono is too much?
  3. All my pieces, except for one, are mono. I have the Mono zippy wallet.
  4. The zippy wallets are wonderful - I have one in the pomme vernis and it holds a ton and I never have to worry about anything falling out. It also looks bright and cheerful inside of any purse!
  5. I really like the pomme Vernis...It's starting to grow...does it get dirty easily?
  6. Some people say that they see every fingerprint on it, but I've found it to be very sturdy. I have both the zippy wallet and the koala and I use one of them just about every day, they look fantastic and I get compliments on them just about every time I take them out of my purse.
  7. i like the french purse. and you could just put a plastic photo insert in it for photos of your family.
  8. Yeah, I personally do not prefer monogram canvas. Keep searching for alternatives, the vernis version you've been eyeing on is great as well. Go for whichever one you like best, it's your style.
  9. If you're looking for a compact wallet, I would suggest the Vernis Koala. It features nine CC slots plus a transparent ID window. I personally like the Damier version with its red interior. If you prefer a larger wallet then maybe the Vernis Pochette. This one has 10 CC slots but no ID window.
  10. I have the MC zippy in black. Love the zippy wallet!
  11. If you like the pomme, then go for it! It is such a pretty color!
  12. id try either the pomme pochette wallet or the mono Alexandra wallet good luck!
  13. pomme pochette wallet