Need new TV, has anyone bought online?

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  1. Hubby HATES my 13" TV in our room, it's been with me since my college days and he wants a bigger one....anyone bought a TV from online stores?

  2. we buy TVs and everything else from Amazon.
  3. I looked on Amazon and they don't have the TV I want anymore :cry:
  4. if you're thinking of buying something like an LCD or DLP, i'd say go to a store and take a look because the picture quality is going to vary significantly between models and brands. if you're just buying a regular tube tv, then i'd suggest someplace like because then you can return in-store if you don't like it or it gets damaged during shipping. i work in a best buy, and i have to say it seems much easier to take care of things that way than to try and ship a TV back to Amazon.
  5. There are many places online you can buy TV's (ie. Best Buy & Circuit City) Free Shipping Also. They usually have Good Sales.
  6. amanda: I wanted the Sharp Aquos LCD, but I was trying to decide between that and a Samsung....which do you think is better? I went to Best Buy and was pretty confused. I am not a techie in any way! All I cared about was that it was compatible with my Tivo! :biggrin:
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