Need New Rock and Roll kind of Bag

  1. I LOVE the Bulga Multi pocket satchel in new belka, but I am worried that it is too expensive for an unknown designer. I really need a purse that will organize and look rock and roll too -- nothing metalic. I am not a rock star just want to look like one! I have been using Tylie bags for years (which I love the straps) but they are just like a big bucket of abyss for my stuff -- heaven forbid I need to get anything out in a hurry like the iphone.
  2. Welcome! :tpfrox:
    Have you seen the TOD'S Miky Rodeo? or a Celine Boogie bag with studs?
  3. What about Be&D? Some of those bags might catch your eye, esp. ones w/ studs...
  4. This may sound weird, but have you thought about the E.D.E. diaper bags by Paulina Quintana? A little rock star, but they are very organized (tons of pockets) due to being diaper one has to know they are but you!

    And I like the hammitt collection bags too - not sure how organized they are on the inside...
  5. Thank you all for your replies! I guess I wish I had a bag that just screamed me!! I looked at all your suggestions but nothing just jumped up and bit me. The TOD's were cool and the Tano but neither of them looked organized inside. I keep thinking and thinking about the Bulga bag. Do you all like it? Do you think it is cool? WOrth the money? Does it look MONEY?
  6. I LOVE my BUlga multi-pocket bag -- the leather is so soft, it holds a ton, and I get tons of compliments on it. I did not pay full price -- I got it at a 30% discount with the Revolve new customer discount. Can tou try that?
  7. Yes, I was thinking about that too. Did you know about Bulga before this bag? I had never heard of it - and even with the 30% off at Revolve it comes to 407$. Obviously you have had great use out of it. Do you use it every day? How would you describe your style?
  8. the balenciaga city or PT in black and giant silver hardware looks quite RnR.
  9. I saw that Marc Jacobs had a bag that looks rock and roll-ish, it has the silver studs on it. I can't think of the name but I know there was a post about it in the blog thread.
  10. Was it the Sweet Punk bags?