Need new home for..

  1. my new cell phone. I have a Nokia N73

    Any tpfers with LV phone case that can give me some ideas? Pictures would be nice :smile: Thanks everyone.
  2. My suggestions:

    Macao clutch
    Pochette Tikal
    Pochette Florentine with belt
  3. u can also check out Elux(pix+price), or range of LV small leather goods), unfortunately I find it too cumbersome to put Nokia 7610 in case, so I just had it 'wrapped' when I was in Taiwan.
  4. i had the n73. personally from past experience, it's hard to hear your phone ring b/c lv's material is pretty thick and sorta sound proof. i'm lucky to pick up my phone but only cause it's on vibrate.
  5. I wish they made a cool phone case for Palm Treo type phones.
  6. I use the LV Greene in bronze vernis for phone case and love it!
    Perfect size - will see if I can post pics.

    What are the measurements of a Nokia N73?
  7. the phone is about 2.25"x4.5"x1"