need new eyeglasses

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    hey everyone! it's time for me to go back to school & with that comes new eyeglasses for all those "late hours studying" (at least, that's what i tell my parents ;)) Anyways, I have a killer insurnace plan that gives me a $150 frame allowance (I simply pay the rest) so I'm thinking of splurgining on my first designer pair of eyeglasses! I've checked out some Chanels, but was wondering if anyone has any other experience with other designers and how they like them, how they hold up, etc

    TIA :heart: :smile: :smile:
  2. I love my Judith Leibers!
  3. I have D&Gs and I love them. Altho this year I was thinking about getting Prada since Prada seems to have a great selection this year.
  4. I'm a fan of the Chanels...LOVE mine!
  5. D&G or Burberry
    Chanel is REALLY cute too!
  6. I got my pair or tortishell square Chanel frames around 2 years ago and I still love them! They have the CCs on the side in rhinestones set in gold. Sooo pretty! I am thinking of getting another pair in black x
  7. I love Chanels! They always have really cute designs. Also, Marc Jacobs makes some killer frames. I've got my eye on a pair myself! You can check out several designers and styles at I've bought from them and haven't had a problem.
  8. chanels or ralph lauren are great.
    iv got a cute ralph lauren pair that are dark tortoise shell with little lillac polo ponies on the arm.

    luva pug- did you know tesco sells designer frames now? no chanel but plenty of RL and fendi!!!!!!!!! mine were only £150
  9. I have a pair of Gucci's and I love them sooo much!!! They have the two combining G's on the sides with green and red stripes.
  10. Louis Vuitton have the highest quality sunglasses I've encuntered, better than the ones produced by the Luxottica Group (which includes everything from Dior and chanel to ray ban). I'd go for Louis Vuitton for a classic look, or Dior if you want something trendy that you may change next summer.
  11. I have a great pair of Burberry's from last fall winter, with super wide black sides and the novacheck pattern in black, almost look like lacquer. I'm not sure if they have anything new that's as interesting though...or Bvlgari has nice glasses too.
  12. ooooh cherry pie! is that from the opticians in tesco? my store is opening one next week! i work there too so i think id get my discount also haha!

    shame i just got new glasses a few months ago, i have dior ones with a star diamanté and rhinestones on the side, theyre cute with an added touch of bling! i always get compliments on them!
  13. I love Lafont. Somewhat high end (250+ for frame only). Lots of funky styles and colors. I have some red, some leopard cateyes, some gold + rhinestone cateyes and some cool black/gold ones. You'll find them at high -quality opticians.
  14. prada makes great eyeglass frames